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NHL playoff betting odds

Hockey is fantastically popular in Canada, not only among ordinary fans but also among sports betting enthusiasts. The main sporting event for many Canadians is the National Hockey League (NHL) games and NHL betting in Canada may be of interest to any fan.

Parimatch perfectly understands the preferences of its customers and therefore offers the best NHL bets today. It offers bettors a convenient website, decent odds, a bonus program, and a mobile application. For most league matches, Parimatch offers free online streaming.

Best NHL bets today

To place an NHL bet, a bettor must go to https://ca.parimatch.com/en/ice-hockey/regular-season-cbdd0859b503408cbf1cf910c32b1db0/prematch, log in and select the desired sport from the list provided. After that, he will open a list of upcoming matches and NHL tournaments. Next, you need to select a sporting event and indicate in the coupon, the coefficient and the amount of the bet.

The Parimatch website is simple and intuitive, so users rarely experience difficulties. Only registered and verified users can make NHL betting. Types of bets

Parimatch offers players several types of NHL bets:

On the outcome of the match. In this case, the player needs to predict or guess which team will win the duel. Bets can be on the outcome in regular time and on the outcome with overtime.

Individual and team totals.

The exact score of the match and the results of opponents by period. This is a more difficult task, requiring the player to have a good knowledge of the teams and their capabilities.

First and the last goal, the exact number of goals scored in the match.

Parimatch offers wide NHL betting picks. The more important the fight, the more options the bookmaker offers. At top-level matches, for example, at the NHL playoffs, the number of bets can reach 200. You can also add that betting in the pre-match and live NHL betting is available to bettors.

NHL betting tips

Hockey is a spectacular and exciting sport. However, achieving financial success by betting on it is not easy. Before making any bet, it is necessary to carry out serious analytical work, taking into account the tournament position of the opponents, their physical form, motivation, and the results of past fights. It is better to do NHL betting just before the start of the match when the odds become maximum. You should develop your betting strategy, for example, on catch-up, on total pucks, or an outsider. It is necessary to soberly assess your financial capabilities, based on them, calculate the number of bets.