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What to know before the upcoming NBA tournaments: Players, rules, betting and more

The NBA is bigger than ever before, with millions of fans all over the world watching. NBA season is in full swing, as the tournaments have started and will continue until the end of June. As we wait for the games, newcomers might wonder: How do I best prepare for the upcoming NBA tournaments, and what is important to know? Don't you worry. Below, we offer our best tips for preparing to follow the NBA tournaments for the first time.

NBA starting season and favorite players

The best tip for being prepared is quite obvious: Make sure that you know when the NBA starting season begins. If you are not familiar with the dates, make sure to find out! As of 2022, the tournaments started in the beginning of April and will continue in different cities throughout June as well.

The last possible date for the finals to be played on is June 19th. But nothing's set in stone, so be sure to keep an eye out for the final dates so you don't miss it.

Besides important dates, it's also crucial to know who and how the favorite players are at the moment. While this does change from time to time, certain players have been all-time favorites for a good while and will obviously continue to be so.

Amongst the top favorites of 2022 is Joel Embiid, who is an MVP frontrunner this season. Stephen Curry is known to be one of the best shooters of all time - and Lebron James is also a very well-known, beloved player and has been elected MVP 4 times in the NBA.

To bet or not to bet on the NBA

It's important to keep an eye out for especially these favorite players, since they can play a crucial role in any upcoming NBA tournaments. These players are also significant to know if you are considering betting on the NBA. Betting is a good way to be even more invested in the upcoming tournaments - but before you bet, it's important to learn about basketball betting. Get to know as much as you can before jumping into it: Make sure to visit BetFlorida.com and other useful resources for knowledge and advice, talk to more knowledgeable friends and do your research in any other way you can.

Betting can be difficult to understand if you rush into it. Consider pros and cons of betting and perhaps try it out at the next big game. Make sure to have all the information in advance, e.g. like which new players are involved in the tournaments of 2022.

Understanding the concept

Before watching the NBA, it's important to be able to fully grasp what it is and how it came to be. It's always beneficial to know as much about the history of whatever you're watching as possible. Not only will it make it easier to understand the rules, players, and importance of each game, but it will also be helpful if you plan on betting on the NBA.

There have been big changes in the NBA game over the last decade such as the “lifespan” of a player, more players on teams and specific rules. It's important to be up-to-date on any new changes, since they play a big part in properly preparing for the next big tournament.

When watching the NBA as it plays out, you will quickly see just how much more prepared you are for each tournament. You will also be guaranteed a much more fun experience while watching the tournaments.