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The Reasons Why NBA Has Become One of the Most Successful Leagues Ever

Basketball is a young sport: it is just over a hundred years old. This is perhaps why the NBA has developed so fast. The league now has nearly 2 billion social media followers, with 500 million of them being in China.

With the help of digital services, an NBA fan can not only watch matches and follow the latest basketball news but also rate the best moments, communicate with players, place bets, and take part in fantasy tournaments. If you love the NBA and want to make money on bets, then we recommend making bets online. The site of the Slotsmillion casino has succeeded too, just like NBA, but only in the casino niche.

In this review, we will discuss why the NBA has become one of the most successful leagues in history. Keep reading to know why the peak of growth began in the early 90s and why the sport continues to hold the top positions in the media industry.

How the NBA Became a Full-fledged Entertainment Industry

In April 2021, an unnamed collector acquired a video of LeBron James's cast at the NBA Top Shot NFT auction for $387,600. According to various estimates, the auction brought its users and the NBA up to $500 million. Even in the best times, the league's revenue from match ticket sales was no less than 20% of its budget.

The NBA is a huge entertainment industry with its legends and fanatics. Basketball in America comes on par with cinema, fashion, music, the digital revolution. It looks like a fascinating series. The NBA is no longer just a sport; it is a type of religion that many people from around the globe follow and believe in. It is no wonder that it brings huge amounts to athletes, sports managers, etc. Here are some of the non-sports-related industries that the NBA is associated with.

#1 - The NBA Is a Movie

Basketball itself is very cinematic. As a rule, basketball players here are bright; their plans and ambitions are large, and the matches are eventful. The drama of a tense confrontation can at any time be replaced by a comedy of a ridiculous slip. The players are potential actors: their faces are not hidden by helmets, and they are quite charismatic. Many league players have become actors.

#2 - NBA Is Music

Hip-hop is the art of subcultures; basketball is a sport of subcultures. There have always been singing basketball players: in the 1960s, Wilt Chamberlain recorded a single in the genre of bubblegum pop. Another great athlete, Bill Walton, has hit the counterculture - he has played several concerts with the legendary psychedelic rock band Grateful Dead.

#3 - NBA Is Fashion

Brands and fashion houses have long understood that tall athletes have an advantage: they can fit more clothing. Fashion designers see great potential in NBA players — both as physically beautiful athletes and as popular public figures. Every now and then, there are league collaborations with a variety of brands (Supreme, Dior, Bershka, BAPE), which a few years ago ignored the sports market.

Ronnie Feig and his Kith brand have not only created a New York Knicks collection this season, but they have also introduced a new play kit. Air Jordan has taken basketball shoes to the next level, making them the subject of a cult. They are now advertised by athletes (from Jordan himself to boxer Gennady Golovkin), designers (Virgil Abloh), directors (Spike Lee), musicians (Eminem, DJ Khaled, Billie Eilish), and thousands of collectors.


At the end of this review, it should also be added that over the past 25 years, the Internet has become the new television for the NBA. The League Pass streaming service allows you to watch any NBA match from anywhere in the world on any device. That is why the NBA is so successful these days. It is associated not only with sports but also with cinema, music, and fashion.