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Top 5 Health Trends and What to Know About Them

How to become even more productive and even healthier? More and more new products appear, there is a fashion for certain practices. Which of these should be discarded and which should be adopted? Here are most of the trends in the health industry.

Wearable Glucose Meters

Sleep trackers, heart rate monitors, calorie counters and pedometers are already commonplace. But it's just the beginning. Wearable electronics are getting closer to professional medical equipment. Next in line are systems for continuous blood sugar monitoring.

These trackers, unlike conventional glucose meters, measure glucose levels continuously.

Such a gadget is as simple as the easiest tonybet.com slots, as you will understand how to use it in minutes. You attach the device to your shoulder or stomach, and it sends data to a special mobile app. What's the point if you don't have diabetes? The point is that it's an effective micromanagement tool for nutrition. You ate something, saw a change in your glucose levels and made an instant correction.

The individual effect of the same food varies greatly depending on your body and fitness.

What's the evidence? The main one is a study involving 57 volunteers who were monitored for glucose levels 24/7 for 2-4 weeks. It turned out that after eating certain foods, sugar spikes in healthy people can reach diabetic levels. What are the dangers? For example, increased glycation - this is the reaction of proteins with glucose in the blood. This causes connective tissues to lose elasticity, wrinkles to appear, increased vascular stiffness, and depleted stem cell supply.

Red Light Treatment

Infrared light is one of the hobbies of California biohackers. Renowned experimenter Dave Asprey assures that infrared sauna rejuvenates skin, relaxes, improves blood circulation, relieves pain and revitalizes sleep.

But what does science say? Because infrared light with a wavelength of 650-850 nm stimulates collagen production, skin can actually look better after these treatments.

Pills to Prolong Life

To find a cure that can stop aging, people have been dreaming since ancient times. And now we are closer to it than ever before. For example, metformin, which is usually prescribed for diabetes, is considered a potential geroprotector. Worms and rodents given the drug lived longer than their relatives who did not receive it. In their case, the drug not only lowered blood sugar levels, but also reduced systemic inflammation and had other positive effects on the cells. This is attributed to the fact that metformin, according to some reports, can normalize the work of the mitochondria, the part of the cells that produces energy. But as long as research on metformin in humans has not been completed, it remains only a hypothesis.

But many reputable scientists have no doubt that a compound that prolongs human life will be found in the coming years. However, in all likelihood, the extension will not be so significant - by 3-5 years.

What to try: While all the pills are being researched, it is better to concentrate on a healthy lifestyle: do sports, eat a good and varied diet and get enough time to sleep.

Muscle Memory Training

Muscle memory is what helps the brain learn movements. When we practice playing the guitar, blindly typing, or automatically placing a block in a sparring match, we repeat the same movement many times so that neurons in the motor area of the brain remember it.

Some gadgets are thought to help you remember movements faster. For example, the Halo Sport is a headphone with electrodes in the earpiece that stimulates your motor cortex with microcurrents of no more than 2 mA. Daniel Chao, head of developer Halo Neuroscience, calls his technology neuropacing, and its effect is hyperplasticity.

Studies published on the manufacturer's website confirm that the Halo Sport headset increases skill learning speed, strength and endurance. But the samples there are very small. Besides, due to a lack of long-term tests, the side effects have not yet been sufficiently studied.

"Caring" About Mitochondria

Mitochondria, the organelles inside cells, are attracting more and more attention from scientists, doctors and biochemists.

It all started approximately 1.7 billion years ago, when ancient cells absorbed a bacterium that could produce energy from oxygen - and these bacteria have remained living inside, now providing energy for all living things: not for nothing are mitochondria called "powerhouses" of cells.

There is a lot of evidence that their malfunctioning not only causes numerous diseases but also affects a person's mental state, leading, for example, to depression.

One of the researchers in this field, Columbia University professor Martin Picard, believes that mitochondria provide a kind of "interface between the soul and the body," since their activity determines mood and self-perception.

If so, why not "take care" of the health of these organelles?

The number and activity of mitochondria are known to be well influenced by high-intensity interval training and the size of muscle mass.