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Memphis Grizzlies: What Are Their Key Strengths

The Key Strengths of the Memphis Grizzlies

The Grizzlies have emerged as one of the strongest teams in the NBA. Sitting second in the West behind the juggernauts we know as the Suns, the Grizzlies have been walking over almost every opponent who has stepped onto the court.

While the phenom that is Ja Morant is a factor, there is much more to the Grizz than meets the eye. Why though? What are their strengths, and how do they make winning look so easy?


Ja Morant

You can't talk about the Grizzlies without mentioning Ja Morant. He has emerged as one of the deadliest players on the court, someone who can drive to the post no matter who is in front of him and score from any angle.

He is a scary sight in the air, often getting eye-level with the rim and leaving blockers in his wake. With a style similar to the Greek-freak Giannis, opponents know what Ja is about to do, but they still can't stop him.

While the young guard isn't the only man leading the Grizz to success, it is hard to see them getting as far without him. Ja is to the Grizzlies what Steph is to the Warriors, a player the team needs if they want a ring.


While they aren't the best in the league regarding 3-pointers, and their 2-pointers will be discussed next, they are finding a balance. Their problem is that their style and power-players are being found out.

This means they often need to move away from their Grizzball style while still being able to get a few buckets. They can certainly improve their numbers, but 3-pointers aren't a strength on their own, but rather in combination with their other gameplay.



Where the Grizzlies shine is with their 2-pointers. They have become masters at driving into the post and scoring floaters and layups with their eyes closed. Once again, teams know it's coming, but they don't have the time to stop it.

The Grizz have ensured that they are scoring from all points on the court. When you don't have a glaring weakness in your scoring, obviously, you are going to win games. Again, they could improve in both their two and three-point game, but the combo is strong enough where they don't need to be the best at either to succeed.


The Grizzlies have mastered a style of play that we now call Grizzball. Simply put, Grizzball is getting the ball just in front of the 3-point line, holding up play for a second or two, and then driving to the paint. This gives them three layers of attack in a way that other teams don't have; they can take the three, hold up and shoot around the key or get to the post. Ja leads the drives, with his teammates supporting him brilliantly.

Out-of-Possession Control

The Grizzlies aren’t just strong in attack; they have become incredibly good at slowing down teams and making them play at their pace. They control their opponents and force them to play how they want them to.

This has given them the chance to have more steals and counter-attacks. While they are good on defense, they want to score constantly, and controlling their opponents the way they do gets the ball back into their hands quickly.


As mentioned already, the Grizzlies are more than just Ja Morant. Desmond Bane, Jaron Jackson, veteran Steve Adams, De’Anthony Melton are only a few of the names that make the Grizz the complete team they are.

Their recent win against the Nets proved they are more than Ja. Up against Kevin Durant, Kyrie, and Andre Drummond, the Grizz were still able to win. Dillon Brooks dropped a quick 21 points, with Adams getting 11 rebounds and Brandon Clark with 10.


Opposition Shutdown

The Grizz have shown that they are a team that can overwhelm. Their defensive abilities combined with their strong attacking prowess have made them a team that is exceptional at either end of the court.

Considering they are in a conference with the Suns, Nuggets, Warriors, Nets, Jazz, and Lakers, and they are sitting second, it shows how far they have come and how strong they are. The Grizzlies are a team that everyone should be scared of, and they can't stop proving it.