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What Is Deck Penetration in Card Counting?

To be a successful card counter, you need to consider various aspects. You need to master the technique thoroughly, so the card counting becomes flowing. Master card counters have practiced the technique for ages, but many are not acquainted with another crucial aspect of deck penetration. If you want to master card counting but are not familiar with deck penetration, you need to take a few steps forward to get familiarized with it. Deck penetration is the number of cards that dealers cut off relative to the cards dealt out. Many card counters ignore this aspect, especially at an early stage and then try to find about deck penetration.

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Drastically underrate

Many blackjack players think the importance of deck penetration is drastically underrated. Card players with card counting attributes think the best way to make money is to bet more and to play games with better odds. But you can add more value by identifying a game with ten per cent better deck penetration than by staking ten per cent more on high counts. But deck penetration varies from casino to casino as some croupiers shuffle after dealing five out of eight decks while others shuffle after six out of eight decks. Deck penetration is not displayed in any casino; you have to make an assumption by watching the game.

Play games with 75% or more

Card counting is following the cards as the croupiers deal the cards. Card counting is more beneficial when high-value cards (aces to 10s) are still in the shoe. Aces and 10s enhance your possibility of being dealt a natural blackjack. When the card count becomes positive, you want to increase the stake to add to the positive situation. With fewer cards the dealer cuts off, the more you get confident of the situation. As the penetration increases, the playtime decreases. Most players would not play six deck card games with more than two decks cut off. So while playing blackjack next time, pay close attention to how many cards are cut off the back of the shoe before the cards are dealt. The Thumb rule is to play games with 75% or more deck penetration.

Lowers house edge by 0.47%.

Blackjack with 75% or more deck penetration ensures a long term profit prospect. In a 75% deck penetration game, the dealer goes through six out of eight decks. Deck penetration is not the same across all casinos. In some casinos, 60% deck penetration is allowed, while in others, only 60% is permissible. A casino with low deck penetration is avoidable. Deck penetration is not the only decisive factor. Game rules also matter. Specific rules from one game to another vary. A single deck card lowers the house edge by 0.47%. A 6:5 payout for natural blackjack enhances house edge by 1.39% compared to 3:2 payouts. InĀ best crypto betting sites, the deck penetration is inferior to land-based casinos, where it varies between 60 to 75%. In virtual casinos, the programmed software scuffles the shoe after every hand, so there is no scope for card counting. But fortunately, in live dealer casinos, there is some scope for deck penetration which can range from 35 to 50%.