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The most iconic All Stars in NBA history

Getting labeled as an All Star is the stuff of dreams for many leading National Basketball Association (NBA) players. Topping the NBA list is something that many people in the sport dream of eventually being able to do - and with good reason. It delivers a whole load of prestige and admiration, and it can help write your name in the history books.

But just who are the top NBA All Stars? And what can history tell us about how they performed and what they might be able to bring to the table in the future? This blog post will find out.

LeBron James

If you've ever visited sports betting sites in AZ or elsewhere while exploring, you'll have seen mention of LeBron James. No tracker of the NBA's All Star history would be complete without mentioning LeBron James. James is perhaps the player that almost everybody around the world is likely to think of when they think of basketball superstars - and with good reason.

James' career began when he was playing ball back in high school in Ohio - and since then he has continued to impress. He's become known for his ability to completely change the way that guards are perceived in the world of basketball. The level of statistics he has managed to achieve in his time playing is stunning. He has secured four NBA championships as well as two Olympic gold medals. As many analysts have pointed out, James has been locked in a constant battle for the ultimate NBA All Star top spot with Michael Jordan for decades - and the jury is still out on which one ultimately ought to assume the top spot.

Michael Jordan

Perhaps the other player most commonly associated with NBA stardom around the globe is Michael Jordan. Jordan's statistical legacy is also top-notch and there is hardly a blemish on it. He is, for example, one of the oldest players in history to manage to score 20 points per game. He's also managed to win the championship six times altogether. Additionally, he's been the most valuable player five times, and – in a sign of just how admired he is – was invited to play in the 75th anniversary team of the NBA.

He is also a cultural icon when it comes to the global perception of basketball. He has, for example, featured in dramas and documentaries portraying his life in the sport. One of these was "The Last Dance", which appeared on ESPN. He has become known as the grandfather of basketball - and is likely to remain that way forever.

Bill Russell

Not every All Star in the NBA's history has been as well known as James and Jordan. This blog post will finish on a high note by exploring the life and legacy of some of the more underrated All Star players in the NBA's history - such as Bill Russell.

According to some analysts, Bill Russell is one of the most impressive players in US sporting history. He has been particularly praised for his capacity to keep balls in the air even after a block - which is something that is not quite as recognizable these days compared to when Russell was in his prime back in the 1950s and 1960s. Some studies have found that Russell would average eight to 12 blocks in each game he played.

The truth of his performance, however, lies in the fact that he managed to secure such an impressive number of NBA titles in the end. Overall, he won over 10 - although some of these were in his capacity as player-coach. When properly ranked and studied, Russell is actually very similar to Michael Jordan in terms of the performances he managed to secure. Perhaps the only reason that he isn't as well known in the NBA fandom world is due to him serving his time many decades ago rather than in the more recent history of the 1990s or thereabouts. In this sense, Russell's story is a cautionary tale for those who are too focused on modern day developments to consider the stars of the past.

Overall, NBA All Stars are clearly part of a trajectory of amazing sporting history. From LeBron James to Michael Jordan, these stars are known across America and further afield as leading performers - and with very good reason.

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