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5 Best Basketball Games for Mobile

Basketball is, definitely, one of the most popular picks among team games. No wonder that basketball games for mobile phones are so popular at various online stores for iOS or Android. It seems that all you need to do is to launch a simple game dedicated to basketball, and thousands of players will find it almost instantly. At least,

the best games dedicated to basketball are often high-rating hits at Google Play and App Store. Are you the one interested in playing mobile basketball games? Make sure to check our rating of 5 smartphone basketball games.

NBA Live Mobile

Do you want to enjoy mobile gaming at the highest level? Make sure to play NBA Live and get some memorable experience. The developers of the NBA Live series had enough resources and expertise to develop one of the most visually attractive sports games for Android and iOS. Here you will get a chance to try the legendary 3-point shots of Stephen Curry and the impressive dribbling of LeBron James. You will also get an opportunity to bring your favorite basketball team to the desired title.

Sounds attractive? Mind that this basketball attraction has many more to offer. Try your basketball coaching skills, as you can customize the tactics and form the winning team that will bring you to the greatest victories. While playing this game, you will realize that there is a pretty common thing between digital basketball and casinos that you may easily miss at first. They both bring you some real heat, along with a remarkable ecstasy of victories. By far, it is the most exciting smartphone attraction for the real fans of NBA basketball.

Basketball Battle

Are you into something that looks quite simple but is, actually, a perfect time-killer? This game has rather simple graphics that generally remind of old-fashioned slots dedicated to combat sports or SEGA fighting games. However, do not confuse this online attraction with slot games because it has a completely different purpose and mechanics. This basketball game is a perfect choice for those who want to have a heated duel with a friend or colleague.

In a simple one-on-one competition, you should show a better reaction and pace than your opponent. Even though the mechanics of this game are very simple, it manages to attract your attention and engage you for hours. As a very competitive basketball game for smartphones, this pick has become an instant hit at the Google Play store. Also, mind that you can play this basketball game in offline mode. After all, you can choose computer-driven opponents that differ according to their difficulty levels. Some players find such mode even more exciting than competitions with real gamers.

Dunk Shot

It is just one more pick on the list of basketball-inspired games that you can play with your friends. The mechanics of this online attraction are very simple. All you have to do is to successfully shoot the hoop. After all, it is the main thing about basketball, isn't it? Mind that the difficulty of the shots may differ dramatically. Sometimes, a successful shot needs many skills and a clear understanding of game mechanics. You should also beware of obstacles that are essential elements of any good mobile game.

As we have already mentioned, Dunk Shot basketball has a strong competitive element. Once you download it from Google Play, https://casino-ohne-lizenz.net/sportwetten-ohne-oasis/, you may connect with your friends, relatives, or any other players to create competitions that will bring you much fun. The goal is simple: you should score more points than other players to win. It is one of those perfect time-killing games that allow you to combine your passion for basketball with the desire to win in a fierce digital competition.

Basketball Star

Most basketball games on this list are meant to excite you. However, there are also mobile games that can bring you some real prizes. One such example is a slot game that can bring you both fun and memorable wins. Basketball Star is one of those games that will instantly attract you with memorable visuals. Even though it is, basically, a casino attraction, these basketball slots are much more attractive than many popular Android games. The point is that the game has been developed by Microgaming. It is one of the most reputable software development companies in the digital casino industry.

Apart from technical attractiveness, Basketball Star includes many memorable features that allow players to raise some real money. There are many sound reasons to deposit by phone bill casino Canada and start trying luck in the game. This 5-reel basketball casino game offers more than 40 symbols that will bring you winning combinations and jackpots. There are also bonus rounds, Wilds, and other special symbols that will help you raise even more money. This game, inspired by the most popular basketball TV shows, also provides a Rolling Reels system that allows you to get an almost infinite chain of wins.

Street Basketball Association

It is one of the most popular basketball games among Android users. A player gets an opportunity to try a street variation of basketball. Even though graphics in this game are much less attractive than the ones in the NBA Live game, there's still something special about Street Basketball. Once you upload this game from Google Play Store or App Store, you get engaged in some remarkable competitions.

This basketball attraction provides you with a great diversity of game modes. Choose the mode that fits you the most and start making your road to street glory. It is also one of these games for Android that you can play with your friends. You can try luck in one-to-one matches or complex tournaments. Everything depends on your preferences. We strongly recommend you to feel the heat of online competition in the championship mode and show everyone who's the real king of the street!


So, it was our selection of top games allowing you to enjoy basketball with your smartphone. Download these basketball attractions from Google Play Market (if you are an Android user) or App Store (if you are more into iOS games) and have some great experiences. Surely, there are many more options to play basketball mobile. Probably, you have your personal basketball favorites that were not included on this list. Anyway, our selection is completely subjective. Do not hesitate to research Android and iOS markets further to find your perfect smartphone basketball!