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5 Must Have Apps for NBA Fans

For those who have always been avid sports fans, they probably still recall the NBA being the most coveted sports league in the world back then. Back in the nineties, the sport's popularity skyrocketed. Setting the basis for the multi-billion-dollar organization it is today was no cakewalk. Like all popular things, the NBA faced lots of challenges in its history, paving its way to the throne it sits on today. Despite all that, it still reached worldwide fame by the mid-nineties.

As a matter of fact, the NBA probably has more international fans than the NHL and NFL combined. With such a highly diverse and international fanbase, NBA followers can sometimes struggle to keep up with the American sports organization updates. One of the workarounds to that is NBA-specific mobile applications. So, what are some of the apps people need to maintain strong ties with their NBA fandom?

1. The Athletic

The Athletic is classically themed with a contemporary twist. It covers a variety of tournaments, including the NBA and college basketball. Furthermore, there are no advertisements or other interruptions. Unlike most apps, setting up an account is free of charge for the first month. As a result, opting in with The Athletic is equivalent to re-subscribing to an old newspaper. People pay a monthly/yearly fee and have unrestricted access to an app full of bloggers who don't write with advertising in mind. As for the sports, their coverage is adequate, although the enterprise is still in its early stages. Nevertheless, it is still one of the best NBA applications available.

2. PointsBet

For those looking for a trusted application specialized in Sports betting, PointsBet is listed as one of the most popular NBA wagering apps on the internet. It is an Australian brand that is stirring the online betting industry in the United States with its unique style of gambling, points betting. On top of providing the fixed odds wagers that most bettors are used to, the platform provides a unique perspective on the spread and totals betting. Not to mention that they provide dynamic rewards based on margins of victory and adhere to the idea of the more accurate bets people place.

3. theScore

For NBA lovers, theScore is a must-have sports app. It includes all the typical information, such as scores, updates, standings, stats, and news. It also allows you to customize your feed to include only the sports and teams you wish to hear about. For a sports news app, the UX and UI are awesome, and the customization makes it much better. Frankly, the advertisements are the only cause for legitimate grievances, as they can be annoying at times. However, for a free service, we can't be too critical because it could be way worse. The bottom line, this is a wonderful option for those who do not have access to a large, comprehensive sports network such as ESPN or Yahoo Sports.

4. SofaScore

SofaScore is a fantastic app for sports enthusiasts of all creeds. It retains scoring data from multiple leagues and allows you to access them at any time. It has a simple user interface, as well as some added features depending on each sport. Not to mention that it covers dozens of leagues worldwide. There is a display for the score graph for basketball fans to view, in order for them to find out how much a team leads at any given time in the game. It also shows a heat map of where players shot.

5. NBA App

Finally, the official NBA app is a no-brainer. Scores, news, schedules, updates, trades, gossip, playoff rounds, and other features are included in the standard NBA app. Because the reporters work directly for the NBA, you can often find breaking news before it appears elsewhere. The user interface is adequate, and you may choose preferred teams to receive more focused news regarding topics of interest to you.

The NBA's official streaming service is also available through this app. It's a tad pricey, but it comes with a boatload of content, including games from past seasons. You have the option of purchasing a single-team pass, the entire league, or a commercial-free edition. If you only want to listen, there is a $9.99 per month radio version available.

Basketball fans may interact with the game in a variety of ways. The majority will follow it on television or listen in on the radio. In addition to social media and the internet making it way more convenient than ever to keep up with scores and trade reports.