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What Can Teams Learn From The Lakers

Vogel and Kidd are, without a doubt, the Lakers coaching superstars, but that's not the only reason the championship-winning Lakers can hand out lessons to other clubs.

If you're a true basketball fan, you'll have an opinion on why the Lakers deserved to win the championship; its valid opinions will vary, and passions run high, but that's just part of feelings that encapsulate the broader atmosphere in America right now.

America today is repairing the effects of social and racial injustice topped off with police brutality and a pandemic. Top coaches Vogel and Kidd took the Los Angeles Lakers through the Orlando bubble with an unpredictable effect. The answer to continuing to play the beloved game through an epidemic. A tactic that nobody dreamt of would actually work.

Here's why Laker supporters should be proud of their team, and included is why the Lakers are qualified to hand out advice.

Promoting the Orlando Bubble

The NBA (national basketball association) managed to create a foolproof bubble atmosphere where there were no confirmed COVID-19 cases in any quarter. No cases in any sporting environment are challenging to achieve.

How did Vogel and Kidd do it? By believing in the bubble, the dream team promoted the idea to other teams, and not a single player left the bubble. There were some skeptics, but the outcome proved there was no loss of competitive advantage. The opposite was true. All teams played to their full advantage, and unsurprisingly the Lakers came out on top.

String Players and Solid Coaches

In contrast to the end of the previous season, the pundits questioned the Lakers roster asking the coaches whether 35-year-old Lebron James was past his best?

If you need to ask the question, you should just look at the results of an answer. What James did in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals to beat the Nugget was like poetry in motion. The results make the point better than any statistics.

Other players that deserve mention are Caruso, Alex is all about that hustle, and Kuzma for his part, even though he is not well known for his defensive movements—not forgetting Anthony Davis. These players made the defense look easy.

Along with James, the media aired doubts about the coaches, in particular, Vogel. Frank Vogel is disliked by the media circus, while Jason Kidd, the assistant coach, is highly regarded, but as everyone knows, it takes two to tango, and this double act is no different.

There is little doubt that James lifts the players around him and sprinkles some greatness on them. Within championship teams, key players know their roles, and superstars get to realize theirs. The coaches bought into that strategy, and no one player tried to take the spotlight. The result was the cohesive resilience that others would do well to note on both sides of the court.

Coach Vogel made a point prioritizing the defense throughout the season, knowing the offense was in the bag. As a result, the coaches proved the point that defense wins championships.

We have covered two reasons why teams can learn from the Lakers, let's move on to the following:

Team Tactics in Play

The team made consistent offensive play coming from Davis and James, with higher-level scoring from Caldwell-Pope, Alex Caruso, Kyle Kuzma, and Danny Green.

Team tactics play to James' brilliance, and the result was the cohesive skill and forethought of everyone involved with the LA Lakers, yet another reason the Lakers are teaching from under the net.

With power often comes arrogance, but the Lakers taught others how to behave in the light of a great tragedy.

Celebrating the life of Kobe Bryant

The Lakers showed the world how to act with great dignity during training and the games following the tragic death in January 2020 of Kobi Bryant in a helicopter accident.

From James wearing Bryant's No. 24 on his finger sleeve to hanging Bryant's jersey in his locker, some signs have been on public display, and others have been behind closed doors.

With all of those feelings carried forward into the NBA bubble, the dignity and the tactics, including the roster of players, became part of the strategy that has carried Bryant's legacy forward and promoted the game throughout the world.

Sealing the Deal with the Larry O'Brien Trophy

There's no more significant accolade in basketball than winning the Larry O'Brien Trophy. In the process, the coaches and players, both past and present, have helped the Lakers capture their record-breaking 17th NBA Championship and Lebron James proved his critics wrong by winning his fourth "Most Valuable Player" award.

So, if you're still asking what teams can learn from the Lakers, the summary has to be: Cool heads in a crisis, top-flight coaches who get things done. Winning tactics and outstanding players. Not forgetting dignity in all things and, of course, the Larry O'Brien Trophy.

Here is a life lesson and not just one for basketball fans; sports lovers everywhere will do well to play by the rules that the LA Lakers have laid down. All eyes on the season.