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Setting Up Promising NBA Betting Picks for the 2021 Season

Basketball is regarded as a prominent worldwide sport among others, much so that people are eager to invest their money in making bets on their favored teams. Of course, seeing your favored team reach a high placement in the tournament is reward enough, but some seek the thrill of getting high rewards despite the risk their bets entail.

The NBA 2020 season has long since concluded, with various bets either won or lost amid intense competition between teams. Another NBA season comes around, which means new opportunities arise to place and win bets on various teams. Players and teams have prepared during the offseason for a renewed chance at a championship and glory.

The same can be said for bettors, those who are set on making another year's profit in bet money. Here are some tips for new bettors, and a refresher for returnees, to make promising basketball picks and bets for the 2021 NBA Playoffs.

Teams' Past Performance

The first thing to consider when betting on a team in a new season is how well they performed during the past season. Usually, the teams that made the playoffs before are the prime picks this season or the teams that are mainly expected to make another playoffs appearance.

More often than not, this doesn't go through as some playoff teams before fail to clinch a spot in the conference. For the teams with stable and consistent performance, though, they fill the top spots on betting lists and are the teams to look forward to progressing through the season.

Considering a team's past performance is why people tend to go for the last season's champions as the number one pick for a Finals contender. This year, the top spot for betting picks is most likely occupied by the 2020 NBA champions, the Los Angeles Lakers.

The team currently led by LeBron James has claimed another championship title for the Lakers organization and contributed to its long, successful history. The Lakers, with the other conference finalists, are expected to repeat their past success this time.

Updated Trades and Deals

Roster shuffles are ordinary, especially for NBA teams who can afford to do so. Making roster adjustments increases the chances of improving this year's placement. Talent and experience can improve those chances further; either that or organizations want to ensure getting young talent in future drafts. Either way, those are strategies to improve their teams.

The investments on current teams don't only consider recent roster shuffles. Previous offseason deals and trades are also looked into for predictions. There were instances where huge deals and contract signings didn't yield expected results going into the immediate season but came together the following seasons.

There haven't been any notable trades or signings for this year's roster shuffle season, but it might seem crucial for the teams concerned in adjusting their roster balance. This could possibly lead to a strong showing this season and a possible playoff contender. Getting updates on roster changes could go a long way for this season and for future predictions.

Monitor Players' Conditions

For sports, peak physical condition is vital. That actually goes without saying since you can't perform well if you don't maintain your body well, but maintenance doesn't matter when you cannot perform at all. Injuries are common, though, and are regarded as part of the game. But, it does cost a lot for the people involved when there is too much injury sustained.

Common injuries usually take only a few weeks to months of recovery. They are not regarded as things that ruin a team's chances at success, but there are instances when key players sustain season-ending, or even career-ending, injuries. That is something that the players, their organizations, and bettors have to watch out for.

A notable example of significant injuries would be during the 2019 Playoffs run of the Golden State Warriors. Bettors saw the Warriors as the favorites going into the playoffs after taking the first seed spot in the Western Conference, expecting a three-peat run after two straight championship wins against the Cleveland Cavaliers, this time against the Toronto Raptors.

The crucial injuries' summary was sharpshooter Klay Thompson's left knee ACL tear and Kevin Durant's right calf strain from the NBA's 2019 Western Conference Semifinals, and torn Achilles tendon during the NBA Finals' fifth game. Both were key in the Warrior's offense, and their absence decreased their chance to win that third-straight championship title.


Betting can be seen as a straightforward deed, putting money on teams and hoping they win for you to make a profit. They rely on specific aspects of the game for advanced bettors and strategies to make sure and reliable bets. Taking note of the mentioned above will help you make efficient picks despite being early in the season.