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NBA Hall of Famers

Every year, the elite players of the NBA are entered into the Hall of Fame. They achieve this status by recording back-to-back championships, record game totals see this table of star-studded ballers or season-high rebounds. To be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, a player must be fully retired for four full seasons. For coaches, they can also be inducted if they have been active for 25 years. Like a golden watch thing. Stars get in if 5 of the screening committee vote for them and if they receive 18 votes from the Honors Committee.

Let’s look at some of our favorites of all time.

Scottie Pippen

Scotty Pippen played for the Chicago Bulls at a time when all anyone ever talked about was Michael Jordan, but without Pippen, Jordan would never have achieved what he did in the game. That's why we want to start with this half of the double act. Pippen gave the Bulls so much in offense and defense, but did it with style and humility. Together they won six world championships in eight seasons for the bulls and dominated the 90s. He never craved the spotlight and instead directed it at Jordan, and that's how he played his game, assisting Jordan, and breaking up play to turn over the ball to his teammate.

Michael Jordan

No Hall of Fame list is complete without Michael Jordan. He inspired crazy kicks with his long-time sponsorship with Nike, he brought us Space Jam with that crazy wabbit and coined something all ballers strive for "Hang Time". Did you know at the time of his draft, he was only selected 3rd by Chicago Bulls! Legend is often an overused term, but for Jordan, it is a fitting moniker.

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Magic Johnson

Earvin "Magic" Johnson was from an era when showbiz mixed with movie stars and Hollywood was basketball's biggest cheerleader. And none more so than for the LA Lakers, who won 5 championships and at the head of the team was our man Magic. A skillful player but strong,

Magic was doing stuff on court that no-one had seen before, he was so rounded because he'd played all 5 positions as a rookie but his influence spreads far beyond basketball and Hollywood because of his honesty and strength to come out about being HIV positive at the vanguard of the global pandemic of AIDS, he undoubtedly saved countless lives and helped break down the stigmas and misconceptions of what AIDS is and who can contract it. He joined the Hall of Fame in 2002.

Larry Bird

Our final Hall of Famer is one of the last true gentlemen of the game. Larry Bird played for Boston Celtics from 1979 to 1992, playing 897 games and 21,791 points with a 24.3 game average. For a more in-depth bio, see here. Some say he was as important as Magic in the NBA defining era spanning the whole of the 1980s. Larry was inducted in 1998, having led the Celtics to 3 titles in 1981,1984 and 1986.