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After NBA What are the Most Fast Paced Sports?

NBA basketball is famously one of the fastest-paced sports in the world. Where else do you find such high scorelines with so few players in such an intense game of physicality, skill and finesse? If you're a big fan of basketball, you might want to get into other fast-paced sports that will do their best to rival the excitement and sheer calibre of NBA.

Ice Hockey
Ice Hockey has one of the fastest tempos of any sport on the planet, thanks to the low-friction surface of the ice, as well as the acceptance of sheer physicality. Unlike basketball, ice hockey is firmly a contact sport (as demonstrated by the acceptance and tradition of fighting, performed by enforcers or goons). It's all about endurance, strength but also agility, and players can hit speeds of over 20 miles per hour on the court, with pucks hitting speeds of over 100 miles per hour. It differs to basketball in that there's less downtime, which you might find a bit hectic, but the excitement that it can produce does rival even the best NBA clashes.

You might not have heard of pelota and it might be difficult to watch a live match near you, but it has a history and has been played for over three centuries. As a testament to its incredibly fast pace, it has the most lethal ball of any sport and has the fastest serve of all time – a massive hit of 188 miles per hour. A bit like squash, players can play by themselves if they're not playing a competitive match. It is played with a hand-held racket, which can be a problem for basketball fans who don't like racket sports, but if you're lucky enough to see a live game of pelota, you'll be hooked immediately.

Horse Racing
There's a lot to love about horse racing. Traditionally associated with betting, horse racing today is an exciting endeavour when you pick a horse to win. There are so many layers to horse racing that the fanatic can inform their bets based on facts as specific as which horse performs best in the weather on the day, not to mention the tremendous amount of information about riders and stables that true fans memorize. It's very fast paced thanks to the genetic superiority of the breeds racing today – they have been bred specifically to be as fast and dynamic as possible.

Formula 1
Another racing sport, you'd be foolish not to include on a list of fast-paced sports is Formula 1. Corners are typically taken at around 250 kilometres per hour and drivers are frequently making split-second decisions that can put their lives at risk while they're racing around a winding and treacherous road. The very best drivers have to have incredible thinking-speed as well as sheer bravery to pilot their vehicle. There's also a lot to learn and enjoy about F1, especially if you're into motors and engineering, as the slightest tweaks to a car can make all the difference during a race.