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East to West: The Best Teams From Both NBA Conferences

The National Basketball Association celebrates its 75th season from 2020 to 2021. Its regular season was restricted to 72 games for each team due to the pandemic. The season started on December 22, 2020.

With a lot of things happening, we still do not know what the salary cap will look like, but we can create some assertions on which basketball teams will dominate in each conference. With their excellent head coaches and roster, people have already voted on how they believe the western and eastern conferences will look this season. Here are the best teams that are currently dominating their conference:

Philadelphia 76ers (Eastern Conference)
Despite Joel Embiid's injury leg incident, the Philadelphia 76ers recently grabbed the best record in the Eastern Conference. Daryl Morey is doing a great job as GM and is seeing the light to his "Trust the Process" scheme.

Even without Embiid, who is a defensive stalwart and big candidate for MVP this season, the Sixers have somehow managed to be the number one rated defensive team in the East. Since February 15, the team has proudly led the league with almost three total points every 100 possessions.

Head Coach
The prodigious NBA career of Doc River as a player and the team's head coach has given the Sixers more credibility. He was selected Eastern Conference coach of the month for December and January as a result of the team's solid start.

Rivers has an overall career record of 963-691 in 22 seasons of NBA, which ranks him 10th on the team's all-time wins list. In the 2007-2008 NBA Finals, he also led the Celtics to the NBA championship. Doc's championship experience as a coach is a big boost for the 76ers should they make it to the NBA Finals this season. 76ers Roster 2021 Lineups

Trust the Process. Daryl Morey's plans are coming to fruition as the roster has slowly begun taking on the shape. Morey added Danny Green and traded for Seth Curry, which is a brilliant way to strengthen the shooting around Simmons and Embiid.

Fans should also anticipate what Tobias Harris has got for his team. It should be noted that Tobias Harris was a few votes off in getting his first all-star nod a few seasons ago. Since then, he's still been on a tear and is contributing big minutes and production for the team.

Strength And Weaknesses
It's difficult to locate flaws with the Sixers. Even with Embiid's injury the team is on top of an unexpectedly loaded Easter Conference. Pre injury, Joel Embiid was averaging 30ppg, 3apg, and 9rpg on 32 minutes of action per game. If there is a weakness to the team, it's the woeful 3 point shooting of Ben Simmons.

Although Ben Simmons lacks the firepower from downtown, he's well making it up for the team with his stellar all around play. With Danny Green and Seth Curry though, relying on Simmons for 3-point production will just be an afterthought. Look for the Sixers to make a deep playoff run this season. From this point on, the Sixers are a favorite to win the NBA Finals this season.

Utah Jazz (Western Conference)
The Utah Jazz's Western Conference defensive line has been dropping recently. Their last four losses in this season have been in matches in which the Jazz permitted 129 points or more. Nonetheless, Utah's DRtg ranks high in the NBA. Despite losing previous games, the Utah Jazz are on top, not just in a tough western conference, but the whole NBA as well.

Head Coach
The Utah Jazz's excellent record reflects how well Snyder has coached them. In fact, Quin Snyder was named as the coach of the month for February 2021. Now that he has a lineup that's fitting of his play, look for Snyder to efficiently run down plays and tear down the opposing team.

Utah Jazz Roster 2021 Lineups
Place your bet on Utah's latest roster lineups for the NBA's 75th season. As the league's best rim protector, everyone is anticipating Rudy Gobert's big shot this season. Known as the “Stifle Tower,” Gobert's shot blocking and rim defense is a big reason why the Jazz is the top team in the league. In the offseason, the team also introduced Bojan Bogdanovic, who will be the perfect three-point hitter alongside another lethal three-point shooter in Joe Ingles. Of course, the team is led by their star, Donovan “Spida” Mitchell who has proven that he is a star on equal terms with the league's best.

Strengths And Weaknesses This leading team from Western Conference possesses all the necessary qualities to be called as a championship-caliber league. Perhaps one of the advantages that Utah has is their bench.

Along with Donovan Mitchell, the Jazz also have Mike Conley, a cerebral playmaker who made his long-due all star appearance this season. And who could forget Jordan Clarkson. Jordan Clarkson has been on a rampage this season, averaging 17 points per game all while coming off the bench. He also dropped one of the best scoring performances this season, scoring 40 points in just 29 minutes.

In a league widely controlled by large-bodied scorers, the team's only weak point is the defensive capacities of their roster's small forwards. Will Royce O'Neale, Joe Ingles, and Bojan Bogdanovic be capable of withstanding the prospective onslaught of offense from Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, or LeBron James as the team progresses further into the playoffs? For sure, everyone is waiting for this.

In A Nutshell
Although it's still too early to tell who will win the NBA championship this season, the two best teams mentioned above are the best bets. Look for the 76ers and Jazz to make a deep playoff run. Perennial playoff teams like the Lakers, Clippers, Bucks, and Celtics will have their hands full with the top teams reigning in the NBA today.