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NBA 2020: A Quick Guide To NBA's Betting Games

The NBA is back, and as the gameplay resumes. Fans and experts alike are hyped to see their favorites in the court once more. Another activity fans can do is betting on the NBA, which is fun, especially if you have a basic knowledge of the sport and its betting games. Every basketball fan and bettor wants to know the secret to winning bets on the NBA. However, it can be quite confusing and challenging to analyze and navigate through NBA betting lines.

From primary NBA betting lines to complex and multifaceted teasers and parlays, learning which games to bet on the NBA is simple with the right information. Understanding and familiarizing the different lines, how they work, and how they may not be suitable for your level of expertise is a massive part of your successful betting.

If you are looking to get started with betting right away, hop on, and read this quick guide to the betting games the NBA offers.

Pick the Best Sportsbook First

Choosing the best NBA sportsbook is essential to increase your betting profits. You must pick the right NBA betting site to make sure you receive your winnings during the season. If you are new to online betting, you need first to find a reputable sports betting site. Try to join and login to FanDuel, as it is one of the most trusted online bookies in the betting world.

It's absolutely important that you carefully consider which bookie you should trust. Various fraudulent sites have been up and about, scamming bettors with their hard-earned money. Hence, always be on the lookout for shady online sportsbooks.

Choose the Right Betting Game

A good and successful bettor knows which betting games they're good at and which ones they should avoid. Hence, to ensure your win, pick a betting game that's right for you.

Moneyline Betting

Moneyline betting is considered the simplest and the most common NBA betting game. You will bet on who you think will win the game straight up, no matter how long the margin of victory is.

Like betting on the spread, the team with the "-" right next to it is called the favorite. The number associated indicates your potential payout and the probability of each team's winning chances in the game.

Point Spread Betting

An NBA point spread lets the bettor wager on the margin of victory in a game. A point spread is a -5 favorite, which needs to win by six points or more to cover the entire spread. Meanwhile, a +5 underdog must lose by five points or less or win the game to cover the spread. A favorite is a minus sign indicated by the team, while an underdog is a plus sign.

There are many names for betting against the spread, such as point spread betting, ATS, betting the spread, and many others. They all mean the same thing. However, betting against the spread is one of a kind because you are not betting on an outright winner or loser.

NBA Live Betting

It is more common to make a live bet on NBA basketball than the NHL or NFL. Moreover, various sports betting sites offer live NBA betting games for fans, which allows you to place bets on the games that have already started.

Most nationally televised games viewed on sports channels, such as ESPN, ABC, TNT, and NBA TV, offer live betting nightly on betting websites. There is rarely more than one NBA game in the US market available for live betting per site. It is more likely to have playoff games to have live betting options.


This betting game involves the total amount of points in a projected game by the sportsbook, which is why it is also known as the totals betting. To simplify this betting game, you are to place a bet on the total score of a game and then calculate the score by adding the points that each team earned together.

For example, if the Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors face each other, the Over/Under can be 211.5 points. At similar odds projected, your choices are Over or Under that total. You may also notice that the totals betting have a -110 next to them, just like the money line. The -110 next to it indicates the payout.

Future Bets

If the NBA season ends shortly, most sports betting sites provide an option to bet on the winner of the next year's championship. This betting game is called "futures bet."

You can put a wager when selecting the best pick for the next year's NBA champion. Just remember that many sportsbooks will close the bets immediately before the game season begins. Also, the majority of sports betting sites do not allow futures with any parlay bet. Takeaway

Betting on the NBA has reached popularity over the past few years. As a result, several creative and profitable bets are now available at online sportsbooks. Nowadays, it's possible to bet on team awards, championship futures, player performance, and more.

It can be incredibly simple or complex to bet on the NBA playoffs. It all depends on what suits you and your expertise level. So, have fun, do more research, and learn what kind of NBA bettor you want to become.