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Who could be some great waiver wire finds in 2020?

Every year following the flurry of trades there is a much less publicized but much more impactful flurry of free agent signings. These waiver wire pickups frequently change the dynamic of the season for teams.

By the trade deadline most lottery bound teams start trying to jettison veterans for assets, but a lot of time they take back bad veteran contracts to make deals work and these veterans are waived or bought out by the new team..

Last year the eventual NBA champion Toronto Raptors picked up a couple of very important pieces to their title run from the waiver wire. They picked up Jeremey Lin and Jodie Meeks late in the season. The Indiana Pacers signed Wes Matthews and the Blazers signed Enes Kanter..

Veteran players change the dynamic of veteran teams, but what players could end up on the waiver wire this season and change a teams future?.

Derrick Favors:.

The Pelicans gave up a lot of cap room and 2 second round picks in July for Favors, but their season has not gone as expected and the Pelicans find themselves without #1 pick Zion Williamson and near the bottom of the western standings. .

Favors is in the last year of his contract, but his 17 million will be hard to move and while not old, Favors is a veteran who will want to play for something this season. The Pelicans will also likely be wanting to give minutes to Jaxson Hayes and Williamson should he return..

Several teams would be interested in Favors, most notable the Los Angeles Lakers and Utah Jazz. Both teams will likely make a huge press for Favors should he become a free agent..

Taj Gibson.

The Knicks once again find themselves terrible. They spent all their cap room on power forward after striking out on Kevin Durant. Gibson, the elder of the group, is seeing career lows in minutes and production..

Gibson could be a good find for several top level teams. He is a solid rebound and solid scorer. He could help bolster the bench of a lot of teams. Teams that would be expected to chase Gibson should he hit the market would be the Denver Nuggets, and Houston Rockets.

Brandon Knight.

The Cavaliers without Lebron James are a dumpster fire and always seem to have a fire-sale at the trade deadline. Brandon Knight is playing sparsely for the Cavs right now but his 15 million dollar contract makes him all but impossible to move..

Knight is a solid veteran who has experience and could help a team trying to make a push for the playoffs. He has some issues on defense so title contenders may stay away. However a team like the Nets, who NJ Online Casino, has a high chance of landing Knight..

Andre Iguodala.

Iggy seems to be the key piece that good teams want from bad teams. He was banished to Memphis so that the Warriors could acquire D'Angelo Russell, and he has yet to play for the Grizzlies..

The Grizzlies have searched all offseason for ways to move him but to no avail. The Grizzlies want a first round pick for him, and if they fails to get it and fail to move him by the trade deadline he has no purpose other than taking up a roster spot..

Should Iggy hit the free agent market expect the Lakers and Rockets to go after him.

Marco Belinelli and Rudy Gay.

It seems almost sacrilegious to suggest that the Spurs will not be in the playoff hunt come the trade deadline, but after 22 years their reign may finally be done. The Spurs are struggling and may be open to moving some older pieces for assets and playing time for their youngsters..

Belinelli's shot has struggled some in recent years, but he is still a capable shooter and would be a desirable piece for many teams. Should he hit the market expect the Bucks to make a big push for him..

Gay lacks the explosiveness that he once had, but his veteran leadership would be invaluable to a young playoff team. You could see a lot of teams interested in Rudy Gay should he become a free agent, most notable Boston and Utah..

Marvin Williams and Michael Kidd-Gilcrest.

The Hornets are a mess. They have too much of their salary in duplicate positions. 11 players are between 6'5" and 6'9", and the duplication has caused playing time issues. .

Williams is seeing some minutes but his role with the team has diminished. He is still a good shooter and smart player who could help a contender. Look for teams like the Clippers and Lakers to be interested in him.

Kidd-Gilcrest is not hardly playing at all and he has been declining for some time now, still I would not be shocked to see him be a valuable piece to some team trying to make the playoffs. Should the Suns or Thunder stick around the post season hunt long enough he could draw their attention..

Udonis Haslem.

Its rare that a waiver wire find could come from a team in the thick of a top seed playoff battle, but Haslem could find himself the victim of a waiver wire cut because of a waiver wire signing. The Heat are expected to be searching for some talent at the deadline and could opt to sign someone who gets cut. unfortunately for Haslem, he is just eating up a roster spot..

But one mans trash is another mans treasure. Haslem could help someone like the Rockets or Raptors a lot.