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UK NBA Betting Guide

When it comes to global sports competitions, few competitions capture the imagination of fans as much as the NBA.

America's top basketball league contains some of the biggest individuals in world sport along with some of the most recognisable team franchises and the high-octane action is compelling.

The popularity of the NBA has soared in the UK, with fans often staying up long into the night to watch the games live and with regular season fixtures now occasionally played in the UK - more British people than ever before are watching the NBA.

With so many top athletes on display and each team playing over 80 fixtures as part of their regular season, there is a wealth of action for fans to get stuck into. Consequently, there are a multitude of NBA betting opportunities out there for all levels of British punter to enjoy.

Read on for how to bet effectively on the NBA in the UK:

Acquire Basketball Knowledge

Whilst it probably goes without saying, acquiring NBA knowledge can be hugely beneficial when looking to win money through basketball betting. Matches are often very high scoring and with 4 quarters of action to decipher through, there are a multitude of basketball betting markets punters can access.

Developing an awareness of teams form, tactical strategy and how teams fare against one and other are all savvy pieces of research punters should look for when betting on NBA fixtures.

Use the Bookmaker Offers

Due to surge in popularity of the NBA in the UK and the frequency of the fixtures, bookmakers are constantly looking at ways to get punters to sign up to their services. There are a range of offers available to new and existing customers and you can find basketball betting markets across every reputable UK bookmaker. Try to utilise the bookmaker offers from only trusted UK bookmakers and always check the terms and conditions associated with bookmaker offers before making a first deposit - as rules tend to change from bookie to bookie.

Look for value in NBA Accumulators

One of the most popular forms of basketball bets is the accumulator.

During the season, there are NBA games on most days of the week – allowing punters to group their bets together on a particular set of fixtures. In light of the COVID 19 pandemic, all remaining NBA fixtures are taking place at the Walt Disney World complex in Florida, which is another godsend for punters. NBA accumulator bets allow players to bet on the results of 3 or more matches - in one bet and should all the selections come in – a healthy pay-out is often paid. The premise behind an accumulator is the more matches you correctly predict on your bet, the more money you win – making it a hugely popular punt for recreational and seasoned gamblers alike.

Unlike football betting NBA games cannot end in a draw, which reduces individual match odds however there are still plenty of chances to win big with NBA accumulators.

NBA In Play Betting and Live Streaming

With end to end action across all 4 quarters, few sports are as exciting to watch as basketball and the NBA is a show in athletic ability. The popularity of the NBA in the UK has let to many bookmakers such as Bet365 and Unibet offering customers live NBA streaming, once they have placed a bet on a particular game (terms and conditions apply).

As well as access to the live action, the in-play NBA betting options with most UK bookmakers are comprehensive allowing punters to place bets as the action unfolds – creating a holistic NBA betting experience.

Embrace the Market Variety

The fast-paced nature of the NBA is central to its appeal across the globe.

In the blink of an eye a result can change, which of course can be good or bad for punters – depending on which way your money is laid. As a result of the ever-changing landscape, there are hundreds of bets for players to enjoy on every NBA fixture.