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Top Sports Betting Partnerships with the NBA

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a major US sports league and the most well-known basketball league in the world. Sports betting has been the most popular form of betting on games and sports in different parts of the world. In the US, however, sports betting was banned after the passage of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 1992.

That ban was overturned in 2018 thanks to a ruling by the US Supreme Court in May 2018. This has led to a flood of partnerships between sports betting outfits and national sports leagues in the US. Here are 3 of the top sports betting partnerships with the NBA in recent times.

# 1 MGM Signs Partnership with the NBA
Today there are quite a few partnerships between national sports leagues like the NBA and sports betting outfits in the USA. The floodgates opened, however, with the signing of an agreement between MGM Resorts International and the NBA. This landmark association, the first of its kind in the USA, started with an announcement by the 2 parties on 31st July, 2018. At that time, the NBA was the first national sports league in the US to have this kind of an agreement with a sports book operator.

This was a big deal
With this agreement, MGM got the rights to use the NBA team and league logos. They also get access to game highlights and official data feeds about the league. However, the biggest advantage from this agreement with the NBA is the title of "official gaming partner". This deal will work well for MGM, which currently has sports books in New Jersey, Nevada and Mississippi.

The deal spans 3 years and is valued currently at a cool $25 million; that is the amount that the NBA would make from this deal. However, while the money is not huge given the massive revenue that the league generates, it is very important because it creates for them a market for their data feed. This critical component will have vital importance once in-game betting makes an entry in the US market.

#2 NBA Signs Partnership Agreement with The Stars Group
The second partnership agreement that NBA signed after the initial foray with MGM Resorts International was with The Stars Group, the Canadian operator with a presence in New Jersey. The partnership officially is with BetStars, whose parent company happens to be The Stars Group.

The deal materialized in December 2018 and is quite similar to NBA’s agreement with MGM Resorts International. The sports book operator gets access to betting data from the NBA along with league marks. It will be able to use this data on its betting platforms.

In return, NBA will promote BetStars on all its digital assets. These include the official NBA app, NBA's social media platforms, its official website NBA.com and also NBA TV. The deal is a huge turnaround for The Stars Group, which was earlier embroiled in a legal wrangle with the US that ended in its brand, PokerStars, being forced to exit the US market.

#3 NBA's Partnership with William Hill
William Hill became the latest sports book operator to sign a partnership with the NBA. With this, William Hill is the authorized sports betting operator for the NBA in the United States. Under the terms of the deal, William Hill will gain access to league marks and betting data generated within the NBA.

That is not all; it will be able to use NBA's betting data across its sports books in the US and also on mobile betting platforms. It will also be able to get promotional entry to NBA’s digital platforms including NBA.com, its social media platforms and also its official app.

The deal holds significant value for William Hill given that it has sports books currently in 10 US states. More importantly, it claims to accept one in four sports bets in the US.

Wait, There's More - Other NBA Sports Betting Partnerships
These 3 are the top 3 sports betting partnerships that the NBA has entered into since the overturning of the sports betting ban in the US. There are others as well, ensuring players have more than enough no deposit alternatives to pick from when it comes to placing bets on their favorite basketball clubs.

The third partnership that the NBA entered into, much before its engagement with William Hill, was with FanDuel Group, which is part of Paddy Power Betfair Plc, in the sports betting space. This agreement materialized in December 2018.

This is a multi-year deal that gives FanDuel access to NBA's game data. It will also be able to use NBA logos on all its sports betting products. The NBA already has a relationship with the FanDuel Group, a relationship that dates back to 2014. It started with daily fantasy sports and later expanded to include InPlay by 2016. FanDuel will benefit significantly given that it currently has sports books in West Virginia and New Jersey.

For NBA, the returns will include significantly more fan engagement and higher revenues through merchandising and ticket sales. The revenue streams are almost incidental gains given the huge volumes of revenue the league has been able to garner year after year.

The NBA has extended its collaboration in recent times to game developers as well. The best example of this is its collaboration with Highlight Games Limited to develop NBA Last 90, a virtual sports betting game that legalized sports betting operators can use. The game was developed by the NBA along with the National Basketball Players’ Association (NBPA).

Legal sports books – offline, online and mobile – will be able to showcase this game in their respective portfolios. The game features clips of footage from real-life NBA matches, including a showcase of the game between Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors in its demo version.