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Which Teams Are the Biggest 2020 Title Favorites?

As the strongest basketball league in the world, the NBA has a massive base of fans around the world. It's one of the biggest sports leagues in the USA as well, with revenue that easily tops billions annually. There's no question that the NBA is a big money machine and betting plays a big role in it.

NBA betting is among the most popular markets online, with dozens of exciting bets on offer. Chief among them is the outright market that allows you to place a bet on the biggest title favorites. Betting on the NBA MVP candidate is second to none, with team and individual markets trailing behind. Why do bettors love NBA betting so much? Well, if you ever watched a game, you know how exciting the league is. Thanks to the explosive action from the biggest stars in basketball, every game is unpredictable. When it comes to the Finals, it's anyone's guess. With so many teams in the running, it's hard to predict the biggest favorite. That's exactly how we love it.

With the season in full swing, bookies have already provided the odds for the favorites. After a dormant decade, the LA Lakers lead the pack. This time, however, they share the floor with an adversary - the LA Clippers. The LA teams top the list with odds of +300 and are closely followed by the mighty Milwaukee Bucks with odds of +500. The Sixers are next at +650 although it's fair to mention while James Harden's Rockets come at +950. Those are the 5 teams bookies consider biggest favorites for the 19-20 Championship title. If you want a piece of the action, you can get the best bets offers right here and pick your favorite right now. If you chose wisely, you might even line up your wallet nicely.

It's no wonder that the Lakers and Clippers are on the rise. After Lebron James arrived in LA last summer, purple-and-gold fans knew what to expect. James helped the Lakers land Anthony Davis, forming a formidable duo that took the team to the top of the league half-season through. Their biggest adversary, the Clippers, didn't stay quiet during the summer. The team landed both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. With a pretty decent backbone already at the team, the Clippers are flying high this year. If the team's two stars stay healthy in the playoffs, they could deliver their fans a much-desired first title.

Right after the LA duo are the Bucks who are once again having a great season powered by reigning MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo. The Greek Freak grew into one of the most feared players in the league and is on course for another MVP award. To do this, though, he'll have to work his way through either Lebron James or Kawhi Leonard and neither roads are less difficult.

When it comes to the Philadelphia Sixers, many wouldn't see them flying so high. They're a great team when Joel Embiid's in the lineup, but the Cameroonian has had problems staying healthy so far. No one should consider them underdogs as well - they're a pretty strong team capable of slaying giants.

In the Rockets' case, it all goes down to the chemistry James Harden and Russell Westbrook develop. That's certainly reflected in the +950 odds. Houston has been among the top favorites to land the title ever since Harden arrived and with the addition of Westbrook, they became legit contenders. If they iron out some problems, this team has all the firepower they need to win the Larry O'Brien trophy.

When it comes to underdogs, the Dallas Mavericks, Utah Jazz, and Miami Heat spring to mind. However, their odds are pretty long for each of the teams to trump the Lakers or Clippers, no matter how good of a season they're having.