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Amazing Reasons to Play Basketball

Basketball has got many admirers around the world, and there is no surprise since it is one of the most famous and interesting team sports. You will hardly find a person who has never heard about it, especially in the USA where people play it just outdoors near their houses or specially equipped playgrounds. Well, a ball and a basket are everything you need to get pleasure from playing the game. So, if you are looking for additional reasons to start playing basketball, let's delve into the issue.

1. It is affordable
Unlike many other sports, you don't need to spend all the money in the world to play basketball. You can arrange a playground right near the house if there is enough space. If you are not a professional player who makes money on the game, you can buy an ordinary ball for the most suitable price. And you can pay someone to do your assignment to have more free time to play with friends. Even if you live in a flat, you can still find many playgrounds within your city since many schools allow amateurs to use their sites. The same goes for sportswear since you can put on your regular sneakers and a t-shirt to play the game.

2. You can easily learn the rules
If you know how to dribble the ball and shoot, then you know the main rules of the game. It is enough to watch a couple of videos on YouTube to understand how players dribble the ball, what things are accessible and forbidden. And if you want to shoot like a pro, you need to practice more often, and that is all. Talking about a team game when you need to defend the ball, it is not too hard unless you play with a pro. Nonetheless, if you play with your friends, who are the same amateurs as you are, you will hardly face many difficulties. Just follow the rules and use only legal defense methods. The simplicity of the rules makes this sport so cool and popular among students and grownups.

3. You will get faster
You need to monitor the instantly changing situation on the playground and know where the ball, partners, and rivals are now. Regular basketball practice improves peripheral vision and increases the speed and accuracy of visual perception. After the dynamic rhythm of the play, you will perceive the speed of the ordinary world, like Neo from The Matrix. Besides, you will greatly improve your vestibular system thanks to the need to constantly watch the ball, correlate your actions with all the players, jump, spin, and combine all this with dribbling and shooting.

4. You will become more accurate
Throwing a ball in the basket requires accuracy and increased concentration, so if you practice all the time, it will have a beneficial effect on the ability to assess the distance to obstacles in life. For example, if another car swerves into oncoming traffic, or you are about to jump over a puddle. And, of course, basketball will help improve your skills in darts, billiards, curling, and other games where distance calculation is of crucial importance.

5. You will strengthen your joints
When playing basketball, you will make many sweeping movements with maximum amplitude. In ordinary life, you hardly spread your hands wide so often and wave them like a mill. The benefits of such movements are strengthening of the ligamentous apparatus, development of joint mobility and strengthening of the muscle corset, which is needed to relieve pressure on the spine.

6. You will reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke
While you are on the playground, your body performs 50-60 respiratory cycles per minute, pumping 120-150 liters of air during this time. It increases the vital volume of the lungs, which leads to the normal oxygen content in the blood and a good supply of oxygen to the heart and brain. Do you remember that a decrease in lung volume increases the risk of heart attack and stroke?

7. You will become more creative
The basketball player's brain must constantly look for new moves. A minimum amount of time available for solving the problem under the changing conditions. Working in such a state develops creativity, and you learn to think outside the box. Thus, a basketball player spends about 1.5-2 seconds for analysis and reaction to the situation. And if you develop your creativity, you will not need helpers as https://papercoach.net and alike services.

8. You will stay fit
A basketball player works at their limits for almost half of the playing time: they make maximum accelerations, jerks, jumps with maximum effort. Their heart rate is about 180-230 beats per minute. In total, you will have to cover about 7 km in a match. Thus, you spend time with pleasure, have fun, and train your body at the same time.

9. You will forget about the problems
If something unpleasant happens, you think about that all the time even when you are occupied with some activity. However, your brain will completely switch from it to the game simply because it doesn't have the time and resources to process any other information besides it. And it is useful for the nervous system since you can have a break from constant worries. You will strengthen the nerves, deal with sleep issues, and become calmer.