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How To Write An Essay About Your favorite NBA Player


The essays about basketball are enjoyable for everyone as the spectators learn about their favorite players. NBA (National Basketball Association) are among one of the most loved sport event for people all around the world. People belonging to different age groups watch every game with interest and excitement.

Choose Your favorite Player

Every fanatic fan of basketball has a favorite player which grabs attention of viewers with his athletic abilities and skills. What is your favorite NBA player can be a difficult choice to make as there are numerous exciting players that compete in the event. Some of the top players of NBA include James Harden, Paul George, LeBron James and many others. Among all of them my favorite player is LeBron James because of his situational awareness and speed. For writing your favorite player essay you need to consider all of the strong and weak points of a player. LeBron James is always aware of the game situation and understands the opponent’s weaknesses.

Such game awareness of a player helps his team in achieving top position in NBA event.

Make Topic Research

A thorough research about the topic is important in writing essay about favorite player. Complete understanding about the topic helps you in persuading your audiences and grabbing their attention. You can make a strong argument in the essay only if you have conducted intense research. Essay about NBA player highlights the points which make the best player standout from others. You can draw the attention of the readers towards the main arguments of NBA player essay by providing them with some extra information. For instance, you can highlight the training routine of the player for engaging the audiences.

A writer can make use of library databases or websites for collecting the necessary information. In writing an essay, television, social media and websites sources should be considered. You should also be aware of using the right keywords for searching the information. During this modern era, you have a luxury of assessing the data from multiple channels.

Watch a Few Interviews

Essay on the basketball can be used to enhance the knowledge of readers about a particular player. You can watch a few interviews of the player to understand the interests of the player. Press interviews and media events about a player can help you to understand the personal life of the player. You can ask professionals to revise your essay based on the information you gathered from watching your favorite players interview. Player interviews can prove to a useful source in gaining extra information about the athlete.

Discover Usual Essay Examples

You can look at different essay examples from different online resources to set a perfect tone for your essays. Your writing should engage the user to read the entire essay. Exploring similar essays on search engines like Google and Bing can provide you with different essay ideas. You must gather information from different sources. You can review the essays written on the previous seasons of the NBA. You can also explore about the main media events associated with NBA.

Essay examples can serve as the starting point for you in understanding the topic. You can find a variety of sample essays which can guide you in adopting the right approach. Both local and foreign students rely on picking the best sample essay with editor notes. It helps the students in generating ideas for their essay. Comments present within the essay helps the writer in identifying the areas which need improvement. As a writer you should develop your original ideas. Presenting someone’s work as your own come under plagiarism and there are some strict penalties for it.

Create Writing Plan

You can develop a writing plan based on the research which you have conducted during the early phases. It would help if you allocated a specific time duration and word count every day for your essay. It will help you in completing the assignment by the deadline. If you can complete your essay well before the deadline, you will have sufficient time for reviewing your article. The planning and research are the main ingredients in writing a persuasive essay. During the initial stages, sufficient effort should be made by you in making the right writing plan for your essay. You can identify the main points that you will be covering in your essay.

Write an Outline

Writing an outline and brainstorming the different components of your favorite players' strength is essential. It will help you in structuring your essay in the desired manner. Also, you will be able to innovate and experiment with the most important and least important parts of your essay. You should write the important points that you will cover in your essay on a piece of paper. Adopting such an approach will be helpful for you in writing an impressive essay.

Write an Essay

After you have written a rough outline, the next step is to start writing your essay. Always make sure that you logically present your ideas throughout the essay. Each paragraph should link with the other paragraph. It will draw your readers' attention to the main points of the essay. It would be best if you were specific in the points that you present in your essay. Justify your arguments with persuasive examples and authentic sources. It will provide validity to your reasoning and arguments presented in the essay.

Proofread Twice

As you have completed writing an essay, it is an excellent time to take a short break. Read your article aloud and carefully analyze every paragraph of the article. It would be best if you looked through the different parts of the essay whether you had missed anything present in the outline. Proofread the article two or three times for finding the errors. You can look for grammatical and punctuation errors which you might have made in writing your article.

The students can ask professionals to write an essay for me to achieve a good grade in their exams. Availing professional writing services is the preferred option for students. It would be best if you always looked to hire professional writers for doing your assignments. By scoring good marks in assignments the students can achieve a good CGPA. Maintaining a good academic record leads towards job opportunities and career advancement options.


Writing an essay about your favorite player can be an exciting task. It is always essential to conduct thorough research on your topic and the chosen player. Planning your article helps you in logically presenting your arguments. Follow the above guidelines for writing a perfect essay.