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Updated Roster for LA Clippers Following Trades

As is often the case with the NBA at the moment, teams have been making trades all over the place in bids to enhance their own rosters. That has been no different for the Los Angeles Clippers, who recently added their own potential difference maker in the form of Marcus Morris. At the same time, the Clippers have added Isaiah Thomas to their rankings, whilst forwarding on Maurice Harkless, Jerome Robinson and a first-round pick at the same time.

Yet, the big talk amongst Clippers fans is the signing of Morris. He's been quite the productive player this season, with an average of 19.6 points scored per game. Yet, he also brings a wealth of experience to LA, as well as some valuable size that the team is looking for with his 6'8" stature. Of course, there’s also the fact that it stops the Los Angeles Lakers from acquiring Morris, who have been long time rivals with the Clippers.

With Morris, the likelihood is that the Clippers will find themselves with a much more productive starting line-up. And that could prove to be quite the wealth of knowledge that sports betting fans require as well. Online bookies like Betway for example, will doubtless experience plenty of gambling action regarding the NBA. If Morris is in the starting five for the Clippers, bettors will be looking how well he does, so he could sway their bets towards the LA team.

Things to Remember About the Clippers

The thing about the Clippers is that they don't tend to operate like most other NBA teams. At least, as far as the starting line-up is concerned, that is. You only need to take a look at Landry Shamet, who has found himself moving in and out of the starting five since joining the team last year. Some believe that he will soon find himself on bench rotation.

Fortunately, now that Thomas has also been traded to the Clippers, there will be some assistance on the offensive end. He averaged 12.2 points and 3.7 assists per game this year as part of the Washington Wizards. This will allow Patrick Beverley and Lou Williams to get the most out of their minutes spent in the backcourt. Not only that, but the Clippers could end up playing Rodney McGruder much more frequently as things proceed forward.

Yet, the biggest change for the Clippers comes at forward, thanks to there being plenty of options for this location. Once everyone on the team is healthy and able to play, Morris could find himself in the starting five at the 4, while Paul George could potentially move to the 2. On the other hand, JaMychal Green is likely to see his time on the court decrease, and it’s even worse for Patrick Patterson, who could actually find himself being kept out of games. He has already missed the past two for the Clippers, despite having signed a one-year contract in August of 2019.

Fortunately, Doc Rivers will have a lot of flexibility when it comes to setting his rotations once the playoffs arrive.