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NBA Betting Trends You Likely Don't Know About

Sports betting is extremely popular these days. And, given that sports are just starting to make a comeback from the COVID virus, sports betting will be more popular than it has ever been before. Couple this with the fact that fans will likely not be allowed in the arenas, and online sports betting has the potential to soar to new heights and popularity. This is especially true for the sport of basketball Basketball has always been a popular sport, but with all the now available betting options, it is more popular and potentially lucrative than ever. Whether you've been betting on the game for years or just starting, it is likely that there are some betting trends that you aren't aware of.

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Road Games Or Away Teams

This is really one that can be applied to any sport, but it is applied to basketball more than most other sports, given all the games that played. Any time that is playing from the road is at a disadvantage for the simple fact that they are in a foreign land. Even if they have been to the city or state before, you still have to account for time differences, different scenarios, and potentially different weather conditions. Simply put, playing from the road isn't easy, and this is why most people will go with betting against the visiting teams. The home team always gets the advantage!

The Series Leader

Despite what you just read above, when betting on quality sites like judi online, you have to take into account that most basketball games are played in series. That's right, one team will likely face the same team 5 to 7 times before they move onto another match. If a team is up 2 or 3 games to none, they are no doubt going to be going into the next game with brimming confidence. This is why most gamblers will place bets on teams that are always leading the series. Just keep in mind that this might not necessarily apply for the first game or two.

The Better Three-Point Shooters

One of the unique things about the game of basketball is that there are a number of ways to score. You can score from the paint, behind the paint, at the foul line, behind the three-point line, from half-court, and from right under the goal. Another unique thing is that some of these shots are worth different values. Obviously, anything behind the three-point line is worth three points, while anything before the line is worth two points. Sometimes gamblers like to place an emphasis on the team with the best three-point shooters. Three points will obviously get you ahead faster, build your lead, or turn the game around quicker, so a lot of gamblers like to put emphasis on teams with the best three-point shooters or the highest hit/miss ratios.


There are a number of ways that you can bet of the game of basketball. As you can see, gamblers from all over the world follow a lot of trends daily, weekly, and monthly. That being said, it really is about knowing the team and what they bring to the table. Know the team, the players, the coaches, as well as any recent changes that they've had to overcome. This is what will truly get and keep you ahead in the sports betting world.