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Top 5 NBA Players Who Lost Their Money in Gambling

The NBA team is not a group of superheroes but human beings, like most of the normal people, they are also fascinated by the grandeur and magic of Vegas. What I am about to reveal is something that the majority of NBA fans would never know, that happened at the back of the stage, not in the basketball court. Below is the list of the NBA stars with their highest losses in the casinos:

Michael Jordan or MJ is known as one of the greatest basketball players of all time who led the Chicago Bulls to six championships and won himself five times the MVP award. MJ is considered to be a legend in the history of the NBA. As competitive as he was inside the court and in the casinos, MJ was competing with his friends while playing golf for high stakes and lost more than 1 million dollars on a single match.

Charles Barkley or Sir Charles, considered one of the NBA most dominant power forwards and the greatest anomaly in basketball history. As a close friend to Michael Jordan, he certainly shares the same passion on gambling. He is regularly spotted visiting casinos in Vegas, gambling a decent sum of money away. In 2006, he lost about 10 million dollars to casinos in Vegas and was sued by the casino for failing to pay his losses nearly four hundred thousand dollars.

J.R. Smith, another legendary player who played for the LA Lakers NBA team. Smith is famous for his funny behaviour on the basketball court. Once, Smith prepared a briefcase containing nearly fifteen thousand dollars for gambling and was stolen by a burglar. Normal person would not prepare that much cash in a single briefcase unless you are a multi-millionaire. Still, having a briefcase with that much cash sounds crazy to me.

Antoine Walker, is one of the unfortunate ones. As a regular customer of Vegas casinos after his retirement. It is estimated that he alone lost nearly 4 million dollars in Vegas. He was caught for paying his gambling debts in bad cheques to more than 10 casinos in Vegas that he owed to.

Charles Oakley, another big fan of gambling and regular visitor of Vegas casinos. He was caught cheating at one of the Vegas casinos by pulling back some of his chips when he found out he was going to lose while playing a table game.

It is hard to resist the temptation when you are a multi-millionaire and want to have some gambling fun and excitement. Experts advised to recommend alternative ways to gamble for NBA players, such as maxbet, with many of them imposing stricter rules in order to promote responsible gambling. Rules such as limitation of maximum bets allowed, game time reminders, and many more. Other than banning gambling activities completely for these NBA players, there is no other way to stop these sports stars from placing crazy bets.