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Who Wins the NBA 2020 Championship?

After the crazy start of the summer free agency and the recent offseason moves, the NBA championship odds for next season have changed drastically. The NBA is a real wild ride, and this summer is real proof of it. Brooklyn added substantial superstar firepower in Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving and changed the NBA landscape. This also led to much improved odds for the Nets, but with Durant likely out for next season, they are not the top favorite. Defending champion Toronto is among the favorites, but there's a surprising (or not so surprising?) team on the top of the favorites list.

Amid all the moves and the sign-and-trades done on July 1, the NBA just got super competitive. Tectonic shifts were made in the East, where Brooklyn instantly went from pretender to contender. With so many big-name moves, the league underwent a shakeup, which, to be honest, it needed a long time ago.

Thanks to all the moves, bookies have changed their offers for the outright favorites as well, putting some certain teams in excellent positions. You can get the latest enhanced odds on major sports including the NBA at many online bookies right now. If you've ever bet on the NBA, you know how exciting it can be. Apart from point spreads, betting on the NBA champion is also exciting and quite lucrative as well. Remember how Toronto won the title last year? Well, they were nowhere near the top favorites, and someone probably made a lot of money on the Raptors.

With the 19-20 NBA season coming up later this year, let's see who the real contenders are.

LA Lakers

Even with Brooklyn making a splash and the Warriors still in a great position to compete, the addition of Anthony Davis to a LeBron James-led lineup has propelled the Lakers to the top of the bookie favorite lists. Available @ 3/2, it's a major jump up the favorite table considering the fact that the team missed the playoffs last season. That's the real star power of LeBron James. The Lakers have added an invaluable piece in Anthony Davis and with LeBron in the team as well, it was enough for bookies to make them top favorites. Even when the league is super-competitive, everyone fears LeBron's team. What a player.

Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks were one of the top favorites last year and there was a genuine belief that reigning MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo will lead them to history when they went 2-0 up on Toronto in the East Finals. It probably would have ended like that if it wasn't for the great Kawhi Leonard. Antetokounmpo was visibly distressed after losing to the Raptors but has vowed to come back stronger this year.

Thanks to his MVP award and the surprisingly deep roster, the Bucks have emerged as the second favorite for the 2020 championship, right behind the Lakers @ 13/2. To be honest, those odds are great as the Bucks are a real tour-de-force in the East.


Philadelphia lost Jimmy Butler to the Heat in free agency but added great pieces in Josh Richardson and Al Horford. Horford was probably the only player who could do a decent job defensively against Joel Embiid, and now they're on the same team. Make no mistake – the 76ers will be great next season, even without Butler. The addition of Horford was a brilliant move, and with a bit of retooling of the bench, the Sixers could make a deep playoff run. The latest moves by the 76ers placed them right behind the Lakers and Bucks on the favorites list with odds of 10/1.

Who Else?

If you expected Toronto below the Sixers, you're out of luck. The defending champion is available @ 14/1 at the moment further down on the list, with Kawhi's decision affecting Toronto's chances. If the Finals MVP comes back, the Raptors odds would surely jump up.

Surprisingly, the Clippers led by defending 6th Man of the Year Lou Williams are in the top part of the list with 12/1, just like the Rockets. When it comes to the Warriors, they share the odds with the Sixers (10/1).

As you can see, it's quite crowded at the top of the title favorite list, which means we could be in for the most exciting NBA season in years.