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Popular ways to bet on basketball

While itís unlikely that basketball would be one of the main sports youíd consider when picking your bets for the weekend, thereís actually a lot of punters who judge it as being one of the best options. Football and horse racing are the primary sports to bet on, and itís easy to see why based on the sheer number of events which take place every day of the year, but thereís arguably as much value in basketball betting once youíve established how best to bet on the action.

Finding suitable coverage of basketball can be difficult, as itís given nowhere near as much exposure as youíll see with more mainstream sports, but itís possible to witness some of the more highly-anticipated games in one way or another. Although there are some ways of seeing the latest scores and events which occurred in basketball, tracking down insightful basketball betting tips is a big challenge. With this in mind, it would be worth checking out the basketball section on TeamFA, where they come up with knowledgeable previews of upcoming games.

If youíre looking to bet on basketball, youíre likely to get behind:

Match Result or Outright Markets

Especially while youíre starting out, placing bets on the winner of basketball games is a primary way to get the ball rolling. All bookmakers who provide markets for basketball will offer a chance to bet on the winner of the next game, so itís clearly the most basic way to bet, as much as it would be with any other sport.

The only thing to bear in mind is that bookies will provide the result with and without overtime, and that can massively affect the odds and what youíre actually betting on. This is not to be confused with outright markets, where youíre betting on the winner of key tournaments rather than just the matches. Lots of punters bet on tournament winners if they think a team is capable.

Winning Margin and Handicaps

Another way of enhancing the price on a team you originally wanted to back to win the match is through getting behind the winning margin. Seen frequently in football and rugby betting, handicaps allow you to gain stronger odds from predicting by what points deficit the team will win. It will offer you an even better price, but youíll only achieve a winner if they win by your chosen handicap result.

Statistics and Point Markets

Availability of the bookmaker markets has offered more flexibility to those who are coming up with likely basketball betting tips. From this, thereís been a rise in the number of points and statistics markets, which make it easy to back practically any outcome that could occur within the game.