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The After Playing Effect Of NBA Betting

Most people that are betting on NBA games are constantly focused on the team's home and road records, recent play, point's statistics, and power ratings. Sure, these are all good things to consider, but have you ever really thought about how the team's schedule affects the things overall? If you are not considering the team's schedule when you are placing bets you are making a major oversight and it is probably costing you some earnings. Scheduling and after play can play a significant role in determining just how well or poor a team is going to play on game night.

Back-To-Back Games

The NBA is much different than the NFL when it comes to scheduling. NFL teams only play one game a week at most. However, that is not the case for NBA teams. NBA schedules can quickly grow hectic and overcrowded. Any NBA team can find themselves playing anywhere from four or five games a week. And, some of these will be played back-to-back. Playing games like this can really be wearing on a team. This is especially true if these games are being played on the road. Any team that is coming off a hectic schedule or playing consecutive games on the road is going to be at a disadvantage so take this into account when you are placing bets.

Long Road Trips

Back-to-back games are probably the hardest thing on a player's body; however, it is the long road trips that will come in second. When you are betting on NBA games at togel online, you have to without a doubt consider where the team in question is coming from. A long road trip usually results in lots of flights, early morning hotel arrivals, and time changes. All of these things can greatly impact a player both mentally and physically. With a limited amount of sleep and proper nutrition, these player's bodies just aren't going to have the reaction time or hand-eye coordination that they normally would.

Early Games

One popular strategy that is growing a following in the NBA betting world is betting against west coast teams that are playing early in the afternoon against an east coast team. When you have players that are accustomed to Pacific or Mountain Time Zones stating a game at one p.m. Eastern will have adverse effects on them. One p.m. would basically be morning time for such players. They may not even be accustomed to being out of bed at this time.

First Game At Home After A Long Road Trip

When you are betting on the NBA, you also have to consider teams that are just arriving back home after a long time away. After being away for such a long time an arrival back home will be followed with many distractions. Wives, girlfriends, and children will want to make up for lost time and this is not to even mention the day-to-day commitments that the players will have to get caught up on. In addition to this, players will probably feel weary from the road. So, just because a team is back home after a long road trip it doesn't mean the advantage lies in their court.