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Online NBA Betting Tips

The NBA is one of the most liked sports and its popularity has grown wide and wild over the past few years. Since its establishment in 1946, it has nurtured many prominent Basketball legends like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant, just to mention but a few. The main reason why online punters like betting on this sports game are due to the consistent wagering values.

Similar to other online sports, the NBA has different types of bets such as point spread and line betting. Nonetheless, do not expect miraculous tips or shortcuts for making you a winner. The NBA is a highly demanding sport, you must be up to date with recent changes made, player injuries, the different types of bets, and much more. Here are a few tips to help you win more on the NBA sports:

Understanding the Markets and Pricing

The most three common markets you will find on NBA games are spread, over-under, and money line bets. Most sports betting sites offer a standard price of 1.91(-11), meaning you stand a chance of approximately 52.4% to make a profit. The NBA spread bet, also known as handicap bet is the easiest and commonly used by sports bettors. Regardless of the team, you choose to bet on, there are higher chances of winning more when you apply this bet.

Another NBA bet with possible high returns is the over under or the totals bet. With this bet, the player only has two choices to make, whether NBA will finish over or under a specific number of fixed points. For example, an upcoming NBA game between the Chicago Bulls and Golden State Warriors has an over and under line set at 190 points.

Although not popular like the above two mentioned bets, head to head bet has won many gamblers because of its simplicity. With this bet, you don't have to worry about how many points will count, its all about who will emerge the winner in next game.

The In-Play Bet

Most online bettors avoid in play bet because of the wild swing nature of odds in the NBA games. However, those who take the risk never regret in the end. The in-play bet is a great opportunity to capitalize on what most standard bettors fear the most about the NBA games.

Unlike other bets, in-game allows you to place your bet minutes after the game has started. You will be able to place your bets based on the progress of the game and the rewards are always much bigger than other bets.

Stay Updated

Other than understanding the different NBA games bets, you must have a reliable source to get all updates about player injuries. Injuries can have a very big impact on the end result of any given game. It is equally important to pay attention to which team is home and the one playing away. It will be ridiculous to bet on a team that you are certain will not win. You can only achieve this if you have an up to date schedule of the games.

Where to Bet on NBA Games

As one of the leading and most popular sports, most reputable bookmakers in the sports betting industry provide players with generous odds to wager on. But with the flooded market, it is difficult to choose a legit from a rogue site. You don't have to worry as we have listed the best sites with a reputable record. All the sites have been tested and certified by our NBA experts for trust and integrity, variety of betting options, the welcome package, security and licensing, betting and payout limits, variety of accepted payment options, the size bonuses and promotional offers, the complexity of the user interface and the availability of customer support team. The most popular bookmakers include;

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