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NBA history is often seen as something that happened many years ago, and we often overlook events that are happening right before our eyes and miss new history. This is likely something that happened when the Hawks and Bulls went into an epic four over-time scoring thrill-fest.

Both the Hawks and Bulls are having abysmal seasons, but both are loaded with young talent and that was on display this Friday night in March of 2019. Both teams are still unsure of exactly what it is that they have on their rosters so letting their young guns go and play is not only good for the development of the franchise, but its good for the fans as well.

The Bulls beat the Hawks 168-161 in the fourth highest scoring game in NBA history, and the highest scoring game of the 21st century. It is also the highest scoring NBA game where nobody got 50 or more points. Atlanta's Trae Young lead all scorers with 49 points and the Bulls Zach Levine had 47. Both teams combined for 329 points.

This is only the second 300 plus point scoring game since the early 1990s. The only other 300 plus point game since 1990 was in 2006 when the Suns and Nets combined for 318 points. The odds of another 300 point game happening soon are not high. Betway bonus review on SportyTrader puts the chances of it happening again at less than 1 percent. However, scoring is up in the NBA this year.

For a repeat performance of this type of game would require a lot of things to go just right. First, both teams must have good offensive games. For obvious reasons, scoring is a must and both teams would need to play out of their minds. Second, both teams would need to be bad defensively. Both the Hawks and Bulls are bad defensive teams. Lastly, the game would need to stay close enough to go into multiple overtimes. Of the five highest scoring games in NBA history all of them went into multiple over-times.

These types of games are rare, which is why they are fun. But too many of them would actually hurt the NBA. Fans love offense, but they also like defense and most good teams are fairly decent on the defense end. Still, enjoy these games when they show up and hold them in high regards for their nostalgia if nothing else.