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Those Who did not Know the Playoffs

Omri Casspi - 9 seasons without playoffs (552 regular season games)

Until a certain moment, the Israeli player had an unenviable career in the NBA. "One-Year-Mate" of Tyreke Evans in the draft class was forced to put up with the situation, being drafted/exchanged for teams that did not qualify for the playoffs. True, Rockets of the 2013/14 McHale sample, with whom he signed the contract in the summer of 2013, played in the first round, but Casspi did not take part in the games.

In the summer of 2017, the only Israeli player of the League seemed to have pulled out a lucky ticket - he was mentioned by Golden State Warriors. Omri called that signing of the contract with the champions as "a dream come true" and probably would not mind spending eight months waking up in his first game of the finals of the playoffs. But the dream turned into a nightmare - problems with the ankle and trauma of Curry tipped the scales in favor of point guard Quinn Cook, and the striker from Israel was expelled. But Casspi does not want to surrender.

DeMarcus Cousins - 8 seasons without playoffs (535 games)

Injury of the Achilles tendon crossed the hopes of one of the most talented big man of the League to end the no-play-off diet.

Cousins ​​admitted last year that this black spot of his career "eats me alive". This summer, he will decide about his priorities. The policy of Pelikans regarding the proposed terms of the new treaty will be decided behind closed doors, and, perhaps, much will determine what Anthony Davis will say in the absence of the included cameras. I give 70/30 that the experiment of "twin towers" will continue. Will it bring Cousins ​​the first playoff game -? We’ll see!

Ricard “Ricky” Rubio - 6 seasons without playoffs (430 games)

Rubio could be on the same level with Cousins ​​on the number of short seasons, if not his slowness to cross the Atlantic Ocean into the open embrace of Timberwolves. At the beginning of the season, it seemed Rubio could bite his elbows about the exchange in Utah and the rather unexpected departure of then-leader of Jazz, Hayward, meanwhile, as the improved version of Minnesota was in fourth place. But, half a year later, both clubs almost exchanged places, and if the fate of "Brikki Rubio" (as he was nicknamed by some fans of Minnesota) decided in the 80th game of Utah, the Wolves needed overtime in the last game of the regular season to seep into the gap and terminate the 14-year-old "starvation."

Kyle O’Quinn - 6 seasons (398 games)

Kyle O'Quinn's name has been one of the running ones for several years during the active bidding period - many teams are interested in this classic heavy forward / center defensive type, but none of the contenders for the playoffs have so far "pressed the button". In the meantime, Kyle conducts his athletic maturity "in the twilight zone."

Brandon Knight - 6 seasons (382 games)

As is known, Brandon misses this season because of the operations of the cruciate ligaments that were made in August.

Knight actually won a place in the playoffs for the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2015th. In the last minutes of the trade-deadline, he was sent far away (specifically - to Phoenix). Today, a remote reminder of the ill-fated deal for Knight, initiated by financial calculation, is only the presence in the Milwaukee team of Tony Snell, who was traded from Chicago to Michael Carter-Williams in October 2016.

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