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NBA Players Who Need To Improve

Most professional sports stars go through good and bad spells, no matter how much ability they possess. NBA players are no different and you have to remember just to make it in the NBA means that one must be a pretty good player anyway. A lot of fans will talk about the best players too, the likes of Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James but these are the elite of the elite. Letís face facts though, there are players who need to up their game and improve and hereís our pick of the bunch.

Jason Terry

Terry was once a sharpshooter back in the days when he played for the Hawks and the Mavericks, but right now his average for the Bucks is just 1.5 PPG. You could say that this is largely down to age. Terry is one of only 3 players to have played in the 1990s, along with Vince Carter and Dirk Nowitzski, and the 40 year old seems to have peaked and then bombed. Itís likely to be his last year in the NBA.

Joakim Noah

You only have to look back four seasons or so ago to see what Joakim Noah is capable of. He was declared the Defensive Player of the Year, made the All-Star team for the second year running and even managed to place fourth in the MVP voting. You could say that things went downhill for Noah after moving to the NY Knicks, with all of his key stats falling dramatically. He also has had to serve a drugs ban recently too.

Luol Deng

Dengís story is pretty similar to Joakim Noahís in the sense that he was a key player elsewhere, in this case the Bulls, before a big money move sort of ruined him as a player. Deng was superb while at the Bulls and made it to the All-Star game on two occasions. However, when the offer of a lucrative deal with the Lakers came about he quickly signed and then endured a career worst season immediately after. Right now Deng wants out of the Lakers as the youngsters are getting a game before him.

Timofey Mozgov

Mosgov came to the NBA with seemingly bags of potential. The big Russian became a sort of project for many teams who felt if they could unlock that potential, they would have a real player of their hands. First it was the Knocks, then the Nuggets, then the Cavs and now Mozgov is with the Lakers. Heís never discovered that potential or realistically got close to it, with many feeling he has already peaked as a player.

Miles Plumlee

While the story with Miles Plumlee is similar to the rest mentioned in this list, itís also a bit different too. Plumlee was great at Duke but has never been known as a great or standout NBA player. Heís also currently at the Hawks and theyíre the worst in the league. This is underlined by reputable betting sites like www.unibet.co.uk who have them priced at 1000/1 to win the Southeast Division and 2500/1 to actually win the NBA. However, he is playing regularly and this does give him a great chance of improving form wise going forward.