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Warriors 2017 offseason

Last off season the Warriors scored the top free agent by signing Kevin Durant, and that signing paid huge dividend as the Warriors won their second NBA title in 3 season. This year, however, the Warriors find themselves not trying to sign the top free agent, but to retain the top free agents.

The 2017 world champions have a plethora of high value high target free agents, including the a fore mentioned Durant, as well as two time MVP Steph Curry and 2015 NBA finals MVP Andre Iguodala.

Durant has a player option for just over 27 million next year, and is likely to keep that option. Curry, who made a paltry 12.1 million last year looks to be in for a huge payday, and will get it from the Warriors. The Warriors will give him the special expect and likely make him the highest paid player in the NBA. Andre Iguodala made 11.1 million last year, but will look for something higher than that this season. Expect him to get around 20 million a year.

Curry and Durant are almost a given to re-sign, but that is were it stops being easy for the Warriors. Iguodala will be difficult to retain, but given the state of the team the Warriors will likely offer him something that he will accept. This is where it gets really hard for the Warriors.

Going into the 2017-18 season the Warriors only have six players under contract, including Durant. Bringing back Curry and Iguodala gives them eight players. But the Warriors have no picks in Junes NBA draft having given them to Utah in the Iguodala deal, and they will also have very little cap space as well.

If Curry's deal starts at around 30 million next year and Iguodala gets around 20 million, the Warriors will be at 106.7 million in total salary with only 8 spots filled. The NBA expect the salary cap will be around 102 million with the luxury tax around 124 million.

The Warriors still need to fill at least six more roster spots while having virtually no room to maneuver. The best way for them to do this, is to re-sign key free agents from 2017 but with the addition salaries every NBA team has at their disposal this will be a difficult task for the Warriors.

"Golden State is again the favorite to repeat as champ according to the future odds released by MyBookie.ag. The Warriors odds to win the 2018 NBA championship are -220 favorites, but even when they are a great pick at this point, they still have to deal with roster change and eight unrestricted free agents, including guard Stephen Curry, Andre Iguodala and Kevin Durant" commented MyBookie.ag line manager David Strauss.

It is highly likely that Javale Mcgee and Ian Clark will both be lost to team who can offer them larger contracts. Shuan Livingston will likely be retained at around 5 million next year. David West is not likely to re-sign either, he has been taking significant pay cuts to chase a ring, and now that he has his he is likely going to go where the money is. The Warriors are likely going to be able to retain James McAdoo for around 3 million next season.

Adding McAdoo and Livingston and their 8 million in salary brings the Warriors to 110 million with 4 spots to fill. The Warriors biggest friend is going to be the MLE which is at about 5.6 million. The Warriors will likely need to give that exception to their own Zaza Puchilia, because he does not qualify for Bird rights.

The rest of the roster is going to have to be made up of undrafted rookies and bottom tier free agents. The number of roster spots and potential for playing for a good team will make the Warriors the most desired place for undrafted players.

The last bit of roster fodder could come from veterans who are chasing rings. Guys like Roy Hibbert, Andrew Bogut, Jason Terry, Brandon Bass, and Luis Scola all could be in play.