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Maxi Kleber to Team up with Fellow Wurzburg Native Dirk Nowitzki

If you have never heard of Wurzburg, you soon wonít be able to get it out of your mind because that is where Maxi Kleber hails from and he might be the next big thing in the NBA. If all you care about is the 2017 NBA betting odds for the next season, then this story probably wonít interest you.

Then again, maybe you see in Maxi Kleber the same talent that got him into the NBA. The new Maverick is probably here to stay and he will soon have plenty of opportunities to prove that he is worth all this hype. It wasnít that long ago that Maxi signed his NBA contract and already he cannot hold in his excitement over the opportunities that will come his way to follow in the footsteps of Dirk Nowitzki.

Dirk is a legend as far as most people are concerned. But he is even more important to Maxi because they were both born and raised in the same place. Dirk was a little younger than Maxi is now when he left home and began carving out a place for himself in the NBA.

But at 25-years of age, Maxi is hardly too old to climb the ranks like Dirk did. Unlike Dirk, Maxi had to struggle with some injury-related issues. He still has what it takes to be a star. He proved it when he played for Bayern Munich last season and earned all manner of accolades.

It wasnít always obvious that Maxi would become an NBA star. In fact, he wasnít even into basketball. His brother was responsible for bringing the sport to his attention. As a six-year-old, Maxi hated watching his brother play basketball from the sidelines because he was too young to participate.

But at least he had the NBA which he fervently watched with his brother. The glory that the NBA seemed to offer so thoroughly impressed Maxi that he made it his goal to begin pursuing basketball in a more serious capacity; learning about what Dirk was doing in the NBA gave Maxi hope, even at that young age. He began to dream about the day he would follow in Dirkís footsteps and get his own shot at playing basketball in the NBA. Maxi is one of the few lucky people in the world that has seen his dreams come to pass. And as an NBA player, Maxi uses every opportunity that comes his way to talk to Dirk and to seek his counsel.

Of course, their relationship might evolve soon seeing as this season will see them finally compete with one another. Maxi isnít too worried. He believes that playing with Dirk will allow their relationship to actually grow in the long run. For now, all they do is text whenever they can.

Maxi is ready to learn everything Dirk has to teach. Having a friend like Dirk will do Maxi some good. For Maxi, there is no bigger athlete than Dirk. The chance to play him in Dallas is more than worth all the struggles Maxi has encountered over the years.

Of course, Maxi might get a little too star struck and lose his way.