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Can the Cavs gel before its too late?

The NBA trade deadline started off very slow, a few minor deals here and there but nothing Earthshattering. Than the Cleveland Cavaliers, in the span of maybe an hour, blew apart their entire roster. In just a few short minutes the Cavs traded several members of their Eastern conference championship team, and two former all-stars, and received some young players with little experience.

In total the Cavaliers traded six players, the rights to another and 4 draft picks, as well as 2 million dollars for four players and the draft rights to another. The trades shook up the core of the Cavs, and might be the first time in NBA history that a title contender made such a move at the deadline.

The trades also sent most of what the Cavaliers got back for Kyrie Irving to other places. The Cavs did keep the two most important pieces to the trade, Ante Zicic and the Nets 2018 unprotected first rounder. But former all-star Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder got moved.

The first deal was with the Lakers and sent out Thomas, as well as fan favorite Channing Frye, while bringing in Jordan Clarkson and the son of former Cavalier great Larry Nance, Larry Nance JR. The Cavaliers also sent their first round pick to the Lakers.

The next deal seen the Cavalier practically give away Dwayne Wade to the Miami Heat for a second round pick that is so highly protected that the Cavaliers would never see it.

The last deal was a three-way deal with the Utah Jazz and Sacramento Kings. The Cavs would send Jae Crowder and former MVP Derrick Rose and a pick to the Jazz for Rodney Hood. The Cavs would send Iman Shumpert, 2 million dollars and the highly protected Miami pick to the Kings for George Hill. The Jazz would also send 1 million dollars and Joe Johnson to the Kings.

The deals remade the Cavaliers roster and it looked like it would turn the Cavaliers season around as they won their first two games of the season, but since than the team has struggled which begs the question, Do the Cavs have time to develop before the playoffs start?

When the season started in October the Cavaliers were the odds on favorite to win the eastern conference again, but since the beginning of 2018 the Cavaliers have struggled mightily, falling from the top spot in the east to now having to fight for home court advantage in the first round. The trades were made to try and infuse the team with young energetic players that would both help this year and encourage Lebron James to stay.

With the NBA regular season over the Cavaliers will be hard pressed to gel and become a cohesive unit. This is made all the more difficult by having both Rodney Hood and Kevin Love out of the lineup for an extensive amount of time. but the Cavs are in serious danger of not advancing in the playoffs.

Some Cavalier fans have even taken out loans to bet on how they will fair in the playoffs. some have taken outbad credit loans to try and capitalize on the Cavs struggles and low odds, in hopes that the Cavs can turn it around and start winning. Love has been out of the lineup since the end of January and Hood, who had injury issues in Utah before the deadline, is out with a back injury. Cedi Osman and Thristan Thompson will also be missing time down the stretch.

The Cavaliers just do not have enough time to blend this new team together before the playoffs, and the likelihood of them failing to make the east finals is very high. But than again, they do still have Lebron James and as long as King James is breathing his teams have a chance.