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Analyzing the Best Brands for NBA Betting

Sports bettors are sometimes guilty of not shopping around for their bets. Most place their bets with the same bookmaker, more concerned with whether it will win at all rather than what the true value of that win could be. Itís strange, because in so many other walks of life you would be appalled if you were shopping in one store and the one across the street offered the same product for a better price.

Letís consider four brands that offer NBA betting and see the difference generally found in their markets. The four are Bet365, Sporting Bet, William Hill and 888sport. Incidentally, all four can be used when you bet on the NBA at onlinesportbetting.ca, which links you up to the latest free bets and promotions for top bookmaker brands.

The table below shows current outright odds for top teams in the current NBA season:

Team Bet365 William Hill Sporting Bet 888sport
Warriors 8/13 4/7 1/2 6/11
Rockets 7/2 9/2 5/1 9/2
Cavaliers 17/2 8/1 8/1 7/1
Celtics 13/1 12/1 12/1 12/1
Raptors 12/1 16/1 13/1 14/1
Thunder 28/1 20/1 25/1 28/1
Spurs 30/1 28/1 25/1 33/1

Odds correct as of March 9th. Best odds in Bold.

Significant difference in outright odds for NBA teams from top bookmakers As you can see, each bookmaker will have at least one team at higher odds than its competitors. This is always a good thing because it gives NBA fans a chance to get a better price for their preferred team. The margins are fine for the highly-fancied Warriors, but there are big gains to be made from backing those in the chasing pack.

While Bet365 comes out on top overall with four best prices, the two most eye-catching prices are arguably found with Sporting Bet for the Rockets and William Hill for the Raptors. A winning $200 bet on the Rockets with Sporting Bet would return $1200, whereas it would only return $900 with Bet365. Similarly, a $200 bet on the slightly underrated Raptors with William Hill would return $3400 and just $2600 with Bet365.

Choosing bookmaker carefully can lead to big gains None of this is taking aim at Bet365, as you can see they have the best odds for four of the seven teams, nor to extol the virtues of any single bookmaker. It simply serves to highlight that there is a lot of value to be found when shopping around. Much of the difference in these bets represents an increase of 20-30%, so why do punters persist with the same bookmaker time and time again?

There are other considerations outside of odds too. Look at the difference in the spread betting -using Hawks v Pacers 9/03/2018 as an example Ė between the four bookmakers:

Bet365 Pacers -8 Hawks +8
William Hill Pacers -8 Hawks +8
Sporting Bet Pacers -8.5 Hawks +8.5
888sport Pacers -6.5 Hawks +6.5
While there will be slight variations in the odds for point spread betting, you can once again see that there is sense in considering your options. If you fancy a tight Pacers win, 888sport would be the bookmaker to go with. If you think the Hawks will do better than expected, Sporting Bet should be your bookmaker.

The basic argument then is that there is no best NBA bookmaker. However, there is a huge amount of logic for a punter to consider their options before parting with their money. It is something to consider for the next time you bet on the NBA.