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Rudy Gobert is the best center in the NBA

In 2013 when the Utah Jazz traded for the draft rights to Rudy Gobert, they thought they were picking up the third big man that they would need for a young team full of potential. After all, they had Derrick Favors and the number 3 overall pick from the 2011 draft Enes Kanter. Three years later the online bet odds makers could not have been more wrong when they picked Kanter to be the better player over Gobert. Now in his fourth season with the Jazz, Rudy Gobert is about to make a name for himself on the national stage.

The Jazz acquired Gobert intending for him to serve as primary back up to Enes Kanter, and that is how things played out originally under head coach Tyrone Corbin. Despite some early signs of greatness from Gobert, Corbin rarely inserted the talented young big man into his line up, and the result was a dismal season seeing the Jazz win only 25 game, one of their worst marks since moving to Utah. an online bet that the Jazz would only win that many games would have netting you a lot of money

The Jazz, and Gobert's future, would change at the all-star break during the 2014-15 season. Kanter was upset with how he was being used by the Jazz and publicly demanded a team, and the Jazz obliged trading the disgurntled center to the Thunder for spare change. This trade came on the heels of Gobert having a very good showing at the all-star rookie-sophmore game. With Kanter gone, Gobert became the Jazz new center and things would begin to turn around for the Jazz.

Following the all-star break the Jazz were 19 and 34 and near the bottom of the western conference. The Jazz entire identity changed with Gobert manning the middle and the team finished the season going 19-10 and finishing 38-44 against all online odds at the time. The Jazz just missed the playoffs but their identity as a hard nosed defensive team was starting to take shape and they would have been a good online bet at the time.

The following season saw Gobert start out really well, but a bunch of mid season injuries to both him and front court mate Derrick Favors derailed the Jazz season a little bit and they finished 9th just behind the Houston Rockets for the final playoff spot in the west.

This season however, the Jazz have been the team that their fans have been dreaming about. Currently, them and the Warriors and Clippers are the only NBA teams in the top 10 in both offense and defense. Gobert has been a key factor in both. He leads the NBA in field goal percentage and has improved his free throw shooting so much that he is no longer a liability to have on the floor in clutch time, and has helped increase the online bet money making ability of a Jazz fan.

The Jazz currently sit at 5th in the west and first place in the northwest and it would be a good online bet that the Jazz will finish this way come the end of the season. Gobert is averaging career highs in points, rebounds, blocks, field goal percentage, free throw percentage and minutes and has made the Jazz one of the most dynamic teams in the NBA.

Gobert will have a hard go to making it on the all-star team as a started due to the leagues flawed voting system but it is a good online bet that the pace he is going he will be voted on as a sub by the coaches.

Rudy Gobert may not be as big of house hold name as some other bigs, but come April and May that will change as the NBA betting odds makers have him leading the Jazz on a deep playoff run.