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Following their 44 point defeat, trailing two games to non in a best of seven, losing their star point guard Isiah Thomas and headed back to Cleveland for games 3 and 4, the Boston Celtics looked to be out of the series vs the Cavaliers. The Cavs seemed to add to Bostons misery when they built up a 21 point lead in the third quarter of game. No team in NBA history has ever come back from and 0-3 deficit and that is exactly where the Celtics were headed.

Than something happened, the shots started falling and Lebron James got cold. James, who, had been terrorizing the Celtics all series long and everyone else in the Eastern conference to boot, had one of his worse games ever. Little by little the Celtics started to chip away until with less than a minute left the Celtics took their second lead of the game 99-98.

The teams battled in the last minute but the Celtics would finally come out on top and would hand the Cavaliers their first post season loss since Game 5 of the 2016 NBA finals.

Now that Boston has shown that it came beat Cleveland, it has changed the entire dynamic of the series. The victory also breathed new life into a down-trotten and nearly dead Celtics team, who now believes.

But the task is even more difficult than it appears on paper. The Celtics must defeat a Cavaliers team who went up on them by 21 points despite terrible games by Lebron James and Kyrie Irving. And Boston must do this without their top scorer Isiah Thomas. Odds are not in the Celtics favor.

"Boston's win on Sunday night wasn't really a surprise, it was more a lesson for the Cavs, who entered the game as a 16.5-point favorite. The Celtics are a competitive team, and the skepticism towards the team makes it a interesting pick heading to game 4 of the series" commented MyBookie.ag line manager Dave Strauss.

Still, the fact that Boston has shown that they can keep up with the Cavaliers means that us fans will get a much better series than we thought we would be getting just a few short nights ago