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Ranking the Best NBA Championship Teams Since 2000

NBA fans have been treated to amazing basketball since the turn of the millennium. We've seen a lot of stacked rosters dominate the league and that trend doesn't appear as if it'll change in this year's NBA playoffs.

Los Angeles Lakers (2000-2002)

Since 2000, only one team in the NBA has been able to pull off the three-peat. The Los Angeles Lakers won the title for three consecutive seasons between 2000-02 and no team has accomplished this feat since.

The Lakers were led by the dynamic duo of Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal. Both of these retired superstars were in their primes back during the title run and no team in the Eastern Conference came close to stopping them.

During the three-peat, the Lakers played the East's #1 seed in the NBA Finals every season and they managed to only loss three games combined. For those who aren't good at math, that's only one loss per series on average.

San Antonio Spurs (2003, 2005 and 2007)

Tim Duncan is retired and itís only a matter of time before Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili follow suit. The Spurs were unable to win consecutive titles during the run, but they won three titles in five seasons, which is remarkable.

What's even more impressive is that the Spurs have been able to continue their success with the aging superstars. The team has a new superstar in Kawhi Leonard and they're always a threat once the NBA playoffs start.

The first title (2003) was won against the New Jersey Nets. The Spurs then won the title in 2005 against the Pistons who were defending champions. In 2007, the Spurs won the NBA Finals 4-0 against the LeBron-led Cavaliers.

I remember a lot of gamblers were expecting LeBron James to single-handedly win the title for Cleveland back in 2007, but you would have been better off playing a progressive jackpot at the Betfair Casino if you wanted to gamble.

Miami Heat (2012-2013)

When LeBron James and Chris Bosh went to South Beach to form the Big Three with Dwayne Wade, many expected the loaded roster to win titles. The Heat did just that by winning consecutive titles between 2012-13.

The 2013 title was impressive, as the Heat had to battle seven games against the Spurs. San Antonio were already aging at this point, but they still pushed the younger Heat superstars to the limit.

Miami's superstars have to be a bit disappointed they couldn't pull off the three-peat. Miami had made it to the finals in 2011, but lost the series 4-2 against the Mavericks, despite being up 2-1 after the first three games.

Winning consecutive NBA titles is extremely tough, but I'm sure James, Wade and Bosh would have liked to have been the sixth team to pull off a three-peat and the first team since the Lakers (2000-02).

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors both have a chance to become the next dynasty in the NBA. The Warriors won the title in 2015 and the Cavaliers won in 2016. Both teams will likely make the finals in 2017 too.

Will James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love be able to repeat for the city of Cleveland in 2017? It's too early to tell, but they are going to have a tough time defeating the Warriors if they meet in the NBA Finals.