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Top 3 Biggest NBA Records

Over the years of its functioning, NBA has undergone major changes, and nowadays even the most outstanding basketball teams and players are not able to break all set records and achievements. In this post, we offer you a list of top 3 biggest records of the Basketball Association, which certainly will not be overcome ever.

Wilt Chamberlain Ė 100 Points in One Game

In the season 1961/62, the author of 72 different NBA records twice raised performance standards for future generations. 78 points scored by Wilt in December 1961 have been beaten in just a few months. The day of the 2nd of March, 1962 forever entered the history of basketball with the high-performance duel between New York and Philadelphia where the leader of the later has scored 100 points. Basketball fans and those who bet now on sports know about this remarkable day in the history of NBA.

Interestingly, match videos of that Chamberlainís record-breaking game have not been preserved to the present day, and representatives of the leading sport press have not been present on the arena in Hershey, US. There is only recorded radio broadcast of the fourth quarter of the fight and the memories of the eyewitnesses of that fantastic game. It is only Kobe Bryant who tied to repeat and beat Wiltís record over the next half-century, but the defender of Lakers lacked 19 points to reach that historical rate in 2006.

Bill Russell: 11 Basketball Titles

One of the best basketball players in the history of Boston can boast an endless list of titles awarded to him by the Basketball Association. Over the 13 seasons of his professional career, his performance did not become the best in NBA only twice: in 1958, when Bill was injured and without their leader, the team lost to Atlanta, and in 1967 during the first season of Celtics after Redaís Auerbach retirement.

Michael Jordan: 10 Seasons in the Status of the Most Productive NBA Player

Michael Jordan is the only player in the history of the basketball league who has managed 10 times to become the highest scoring player in NBA at the end of the season. He also shares a record with Chamberlain for the number of the most consecutive triumphal championships (seven). At the same time, Michael has managed to overcome Wilt on the average performance with the point fraction per game of 30.12 against 30.07.

However, we can say that there are no limits for Jordanís productivity record. Thus, a good performance level set by the leader of Oklahoma Kevin Durant in the recent years is quite competitive, although it has been decreased in the last season by his colleague Carmelo Anthony. But Durant is 25 only, and it is possible that in a few years, Jordan will worry about his record.