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Is Golden State Better This Season?

It's time to line up those best free bets and use those free bets on the NBA as the season is finally underway. With the NHL, NCAA FB, NFL and the NBA all running at full force, this is a good time of year to cash in on your best free bets. By the way, NCAA BB is right around the corner, so save a few free bets for later this month.

In NBA news, it's beginning to look like the defending champion Golden State Warriors have every intention of successfully defending its title. Three games into the season, they sit at 3-0 with three decisive victories that include an opening season win over the New Orleans Pelicans 111-95 followed by road victories over the Houston Rockets 112-92 and again over the Pelicans 134-120.

Oddly, the Warriors look much improved over last year's team that went a league best 62-20 during the regular season. It's possible given the fact they were a young team last year with a roster of players who were just finding themselves. It's beginning to look like they get it now, which is going to put the rest the league on notice.

Of course, this Warriors' team belongs to reigning league MVP Stephen Curry. All he has done on the early season is rack up 39.3 PPG on 58.8% shooting from the field, including 48.6% from 3-point land, with 7.3 APG, 5.7 RPG and 2.3 steals per game for good measure. Fans should note that he too looks to have improved from last year. He is absolutely schooling other NBA players on the art of playing basketball, and now it appears the NBA is Curry's world and everyone else is just lucky to be a guest.

While All-Star shooting guard Klay Thompson has yet to find the form that led to a 21.7 PPG average in 2014-2015, it's just a matter of time before Curry has an off night and Thompson steps up and starts burning the nets. In the meantime, several other players from last year's championship squad look to have taken a big step forward.

That discussion has to start with forward Draymond Green who looks more confident on the court. He has improved his scoring from 11.7 PPG in 2014-2015 to 13.3 PPG this season. Much of his improvement has come from his 3-point shooting that currently sits at 58.3%. That gives an already deadly outside shooting team another viable weapon from the outside.

Another player who seems to making great inroads is power forward Harrison Barnes who has improved his defense and rebounding. Finally, both Curry and Thompson made commitments during the offseason to improve their defense. If that comes to pass, the rest of the league had better start planning on finishing no higher than second, maybe for years to come.

It should be noted that both Oklahoma City and the Los Angeles Clippers are sitting at 3-0 and appear to poised for a great season. The Thunder are back at full-health with both point guard Russell Westbrook and forward Kevin Durant playing inspired ball and averaging over 30 PPG while forward Serge Ibaka and center Enes Kanter are playing like a man possessed.

For the Clippers, forward Blake Griffin is burning the cords to the tune of 32.0 PPG and center DeAndre Jordan is absolutely destroying the boards with 15 rebounds per game. With all three teams playing at such a high level, the Western Conference is going to be a real war all-season long. However, the Warriors look like it's shooting the ball at a basket the size of laundry basket while the rest of the teams chase them all over the floor.