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In this piece I will be expressing my views on what the suns are doing the team which a few years ago was a fast paced team destroying teams with their speed and power, winning 60+ games two years in a row, now look at them, there entering rebuilding stage and now is listening to every phone call from all teams around the league.

Im going to answer some questions which I know loads of suns fans will look for, in my view of point of course.

What really did happen?
Who fault is it?
Why Fire Porter?
What is there 2009/10 targets?
How long will the sun set in Phoenix?

Unless you been hiding under a rock for the past year, then you know that the sun are entering or is in meltdown mode already, well loads of rumours have been circulating the internet about trade moves from all over the league. The 2006/07 was one of the greatest seasons the suns have ever had, winning 61 games and having notched multiple 12+ game win-streaks during the course of the regular season. The Suns showed there wasnít any push over by winning streaks of 15 and 17 games straight (tied for fifth longest in online betting history) but to breakdown so quickly doesnít really add up.

People say it all began when the suns completed a trade for a certain big man called Shaquille OíNeil for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks; they say it ruined the chemistry that the suns built over the years with the DíAntoni and suddenly have a man who won multiple titles with Lakers and Heat, and take over the suns team like he was the puppet master, the system has to be changed, just for Shaq, a system that has made them into a fearful team.

This obviously didnít turn out that Kerr would have liked.

Fans have urged for someone to take the blame, and if you asked 98.9% of the NBA betting fans they will say 2 words; Steve Kerr, yes as some fans say he officially killed the team that won 60+ games. I personally donít want anyone to take the blame because we got to move from this and think to the future and positivity but I would say Kerr and some players in the roster will have to take some blame for this horrible turn around.

Suns hired Terry Porter, a coach known for his defence, which the suns needed after years of terrible defensive statistics, but when the team were playing defensive, there also created more turnovers which was the biggest issue in the suns early lossís

But the suns got very desperate and were getting Ďhot airí from the fans after losing 10 games in a row, which they havenít done in years. This lead to the suns firing Terry Porter just after the All-Star games in Arizona.

The Suns then hired interim coach Alvin Gentry, which in his first 3 games scored 140+ pts for the suns, which hasnít been done. But that was too late for the suns, with the loss against the mavericks near the end of the season finally confirmed that they will not be going to the playoffs.

Whatís next for the suns?

Well after making a trade with the Cavaliers which involved Shaq for Ben Wallace, Sasha and cash along with a pick in the 2010 draft.

They did this trade truly on relieving cap space along with rumours that Wallace might retire thus getting more cap space. I seriously do not know what they will do in the Free Agency, will they make any offer? Will they even get anyone, I have no clue.

But all I can say is the suns are in rebuilding mode, and will be listening to any offers even for Amaríe and Nash, maybe in 3 years the suns will be back, but who knows, maybe it be earlier or it will take much longer then expected.

There target will be like everyoneís each year; to reach the playoffs, but is that realistic? I donít know, maybe since the Jazz will struggle to re-signing Boozer and Milsap and that the rockets have lost their great wall; Yao Ming.

Iíll say in the 2010 FA, they better get some stars since there cap will be low.

But for know..The Sun Is Set In Phoenix...

Written by:
By Kobra