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Draft Picks: 1st round #20, 2nd round #50

Current Roster: http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/teams/roster...h&sort=null

Expiring Contracts: Morris Almond (1 mill), Carlos Boozer (11.6 mil option), Jarron Collins (2 mill), Kyrylo Fesenko (800K, TO), Brevin Knight (2 mill), Kyle Korver (5 mill option), Paul Millsap (800K), Mehmet Okur (8.5 mill option), Ronnie Price (1.1 mill)

Needs: Power Forward, Back Up Point Guard, Shooter, Depth.

Draft Overview: The Jazz had a very disappointing end to their season losing in the first round. They also have a lot of free agents and it will be up to the team to decide which ones to bring back. Free agency is going to weight heavily on the Jazz draft plans. If they think that they can retain Boozer, Millsap and Okur than they will likely look for a shooter or point man in the first round. If they believe that they will lose one, two or all three of them they will likely look to take a big man.

The Jazz have a team option for second year man Kyrylo Fesenko which they must take by June 15th. This will be another indicator of which way they will go in the draft. If they keep the seven foot Ukrainian than they may look to go small in the second; though this is also contingent on what they feel will happen with the other three bigs.

In all likelihood both backup point guards from last year are gone. Brevin Knight never really could run the offense effectively and Ronnie Price fell out of the rotation to the point that he did not get off the bench even in some blowouts. With the chance that the only point guard from last year on the roster being Deron Williams the Jazz may think about drafting a point guard in the first or second round.

Because their picks of spread out there are several players which could be on the Jazz radar. They include:

  • Ty Lawson, PG, UNC (6’0’’ 175)
  • Eric Maynor, PG,VCU (6’2’’ 175)
  • Jeff Teague, G, Wake Forrest (6’2’’ 180)
  • Tyler Hansbrough, PF, UNC (6’8’’ 245)
  • Taj Gibson, PF, USC (6’9’’ 245)
  • Tyrese Rice, PG, BC (6’0’’ 190)
  • Robert Dozier, F/C, Memphis (6’ 10’’ 215)
  • Milenko Tepic, G, Serbia (6’7’’ 200)

    There are of course many others who could and should be available and ever year we see someone who we think will go much higher slip in the draft. But each of the players listed would fit nicely with the Jazz and should be on the board when the Jazz draft 20th or 50th overall.

    Ty Lawson has been moving up the draft boards pretty fast, so there is a very good possibility that he will not be there when the Jazz draft at number twenty. Though if he is, he would be a great fit for Jerry Sloan’s offense. He has great ball handling skills, is a smart player and a winner who has played under a tough coach in Roy Williams.

    Eric Maynor is a long shot for the Jazz. Some mock drafts have him going as high as number 7 to the Warriors, others as low as 19 to the Hawks. But if he slips in the draft he could be a steal for the Jazz. He is a good defender and would fill a void the Jazz have had since John Stockton left -- a point guard who plays defense -- all the while still being able to run the offense.

    Tyler Hansbrough seems to bee the hip pick for the Jazz right now. Hansbrough would be a very nice fit for the Jazz if they expect to lose Boozer or Millsap. He is a Paul Millsap type of player in that he will get down and do some dirty work which does not show up on a stat sheet.

    Jeff Teague is a point guard in the mold of Deron Williams. He is strong and big for a point, but like Williams he will have problems defending the smaller quicker guard in the NBA. Because of his similarities to Williams the Jazz may decide to pass on him in favor of a different type of player.

    Like Hansbrough, Taj Gibson would be brought in only if the Jazz feel they are going to lose Boozer or Millsap. He is an athletic player but at times has looked raw on the court and that could be a concern for the Jazz who aim to get back to the conference finals.

    I specifically left out some players, one of the most notable was BJ Mullins of Ohio State. I do not think the Jazz will draft Mullins because last year they drafted fellow Buckeye Kosta Koufos and they seemed to have liked him.

    Who will the Jazz draft? My prediction is that the Jazz will take Hansbrough at number twenty and election to take Milenko Tepic at fifty. Hansbrough would be a player who could get immediate minutes, and Tepic could be kept in Europe for a while freeing up a roster spot for a veteran point guard.

    Written by:
    By Redneck