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Game 2 Western Semifinals 2007
Probably one of the most emotional and flat out awesome games in the entire NBA this decade. Deron Williams gets into foul trouble, and the Jazz bring Dee Brown into the game. Brown plays about six minutes before suffering a neck injury which at the time looked really bad; Brown would play again a few nights later. The Jazz have to use Andrei Kirilenko as their backup PG until the third quarter. Than in the third quarter Derek Fisher makes a triumphant entrance into the game

Fisher, who had been tending to his ill daughter, made his biggest impact late in the game. First Fisher forced Baron Davis to commit a turnover to give the Jazz a chance to tie it in regulation, which they did on a D-will shot, than Fisher hitís a clutch three to seal the win for the Jazz in OT.

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Game 7 First Round 2007 After limping into the playoffs and dropping the first two games in Houston the Jazz looked done for. But somehow the Jazz mustered up wins in games three, four, and six to send the series to a decisive seventh game in Houston.

The Jazz started out the game great like they had in nearly all the games, but like the three previous games in history they lost their lead, this time however it would be different. The Jazz fell down by as many as 3 after leading by 21 points, but the Jazz continued to fight and eventually retook the lead.

The game would go down to the wire, but after a huge three by Mehmet Okur and free throws by Kirilenko and Boozer the Jazz escaped Houston with their first round win in a game 7 and their first series win since 2000.

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Game 5 First Round 2003 A blow out loss seems to be an odd addition to a top anything list, but this game marked the end of an era for the Utah Jazz. After 19 years John Stockton played his final game for the Utah Jazz and the NBA, and Karl Malone would play his last game for the Utah Jazz; signing with the Lakers later that summer.

The Jazz were blown out of their final home game and Jazz fans booed in the last minutes that Stockton and Malone would ever play on the Delta Center floor. The game results in Sacramento were the same, the Kings smashed the Jazz, but when Jerry Sloan called Stockton and Malone to the bench the fans at Arco Arena gave the two legends a standing ovation.

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Jazz vs. Blazers First game of the 2003-04 NBA season The Stockton and Malone days behind them the Jazz took the court with what many pundits had claimed was the worst roster ever assembled, many on ESPN even publicly wondered if the Jazz could match the 9 win total of the 73 Sixers.

The start of the game looked to fulfill those prophecies, than in the third quarter the Jazz came to life. Behind the defense of Greg Ostertag and Andrei Kirilenko, and the leadership of Carlos Arroyo the Jazz went on and beat the Blazers for their first win of the season.

The Jazz would win 42 games that season and just barely miss the playoffs for a 21st straight year.

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Jazz vs. Spurs 2004-05 Coming into the game the Spurs had won 18 straight against the Utah Jazz, and the Jazz had lost 9 in a row. The Jazz played a remarkably close game with the Spurs and lead going into the final moments. The once hopeful season had turned into a disaster with injuries and horrible loss and horrible loss. But the Jazz managed to pull some magic out of their hat on this game.

With second remaining Keith McLeod drove to the hoop for what he hoped would be the game winning lay-up, he missed by Mehmet Okur was there for the buzzer beating put back and the Jazz snapped the Spurs dominance over them

Jazz @ Pistons 2008-09 This decade has seen one constant in Jazz basketball, their dominance over the Detroit Pistons. This night, however, the Pistons refused to go without a fight.

Allen Iverson and Rip Hamilton gave the Jazz fits as the Pistons built up a double digit lead, but a Deron Williams four-point play late in the first half gave the Jazz some life. The Jazz would take the game over in the second half and take the lead. Detroit would come back take the lead.

The teams traded buckets at the end of regulation and Hamilton hit a tough shot to send the game into second overtime. In the second overtime the Jazz got the better of the Pistons once again and pulled out a six point win.

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Jazz vs. Lakers First game of the 2004-05 season After a 42-40 year after losing Stockton and Malone, and a year in which Andrei Kirilenko became an all-star the Jazz had their greatest off-season in team history. The Jazz signed Carlos Boozer, Mehmet Okur and re-signed Carlos Arroyo and looked poised for a playoff run.

The Lakers had just traded Shaq and it was Kobeís team now. This primetime TNT match up saw the Jazz absolutely destroy the Lakers. Unfortunately, for the Jazz this is about as good as the season would get. The bottom would fall out and the Jazz would finish with only 26 wins, their fewest since the early 1980s.

Jazz vs. Bulls 2005-06 The 05-06 season had been going better for the Jazz than the previous one, but they still struggled for wins. The Bulls came into Salt Lake and fought the Jazz hard, taking a 10 point lead early. The Jazz fought back and took the lead near the end of regulation. The Bulls tied it at the Buzzer forcing an overtime.

In the overtime, with just seconds left and the Jazz trailing by one, Keith McLeod found Mehmet Okur for a three to give the Jazz the lead. The Bulls would have one more chance, and looked to have won the game with a Andres Nicioni three-pointed but instant replay showed the three had come late and the Jazz won the game.

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Jazz vs. Grizzlies 2005-06 The Grizzlies came out and put the hurt on the Jazz early, and lead by as many as 20. The third quarter saw the Jazz gain life as they mounted a furious comeback behind Keith McLeod, Andrei Kirilenko, and Greg Ostertag.

The Jazz would retake the lead momentarily but it all looked lost when the Grizzlies lead by 3 with under 5 seconds left. But AK-47 would hit a big three to send the game to Overtime, than in the overtime he got a big block on Pau Gasol and the Jazz won the game by 3.

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Jazz vs. Celtics 2008-09 No game probably changed the course of both teams seasons this decade than this one. The defending champion Celtics game to Salt Lake in a nationally televised and hotly contested game.

The Celtics looked like the champions when they jumped out on the Jazz and began to pummel them early, but in the second quarter Kevin Garnett would bang his knee with a Jazz player and the rest of his night and his season would be over.

The second half saw the Jazz mount a furious comeback and with seconds left, Deron Williams crossed over Ray Allen and hit to the go ahead shot. The Jazz escaped with a five point victory, The next day the team got the sad news that their owner of 24 years, Larry H. Miller, had passed away.

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Jazz vs. Lakers First Round Game 3 2009 The Jazz had looked like road kill for weeks entering this game, they had been manhandled in Los Angeles and everyone thought the Lakers would sweep the series; everyone that is but Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer. The pair would lead the Jazz to their best win in weeks, but it would not come easy.

The Jazz, like they had done so many times before, built a lead only to relinquish it. In the third quarter the Lakers looked to put the game out of hand when the Jazz made a run. The two would trade baskets which would include a thunderous dunk by Carlos Boozer, and with seconds left D-will hit the game winning jump shot.

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Jazz @ Spurs 2009-10 The Jazz had not won in San Antonio since February of 1999, but this game was different. The Spurs would not have Tony Parker, Tim Duncan or Manu Ginobili.

The Jazz played hard and built many leads and lost them, but finally the Jazz were able to outlast the Spurs and win their first, and only, game of the decade in the Alamo City.

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