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The NBA seasonís just a couple of weeks away, and there are a lot of intriguing scenarios shaping up. Each of the 30 teams has a player or group of players which should change their perspective teams this year. But I wonít be able to cover them all. So here are a few that I have seen enough of, that I can give a fair perspective of their games.

Boston Celtics
The Celtics are of corse the most interesting and exciting aspect of basketball going into this season. They have practically a brand-new team. They added superstarsí Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett as well as solid talent in guys like James Posey, and Eddie House. The Celtics have gone from a forgotten team to the team on every ones minds, as they could be searching for their 17th franchise NBA title.

Kobe Bryant
What is up with Kobe? Will he stay with the Lakers? Will he get traded? Who knows? But the situation with Bryant has put him and the Lakers back into the spot light. In fact his situation has gotten as much press as what the Celtics.

Golden State Warriors
After last years improbably finish to the season, can the Warriors keep the momentum going? They traded Jason Richardson to the Bobcats for the draft rights to Brandan Wright. The Warriors also had a scare the first day of training camp when Monte Ellis got a neck injury, Ellis appears to be all right but hasnít been playing so he could be a bit rusty.

Andrei Kirilenko
Kirilenko is another disgruntled player. After having his worse season as a professional last season, He goes on to win the MVP of the European basketball tournament and promptly says he wants out of Utah. Kirilenko did meet with Jerry Sloan and has since become mum on the issue, but this could be a huge issue for a young team like Utah who is flirting with becoming an elite team.

Shawn Marion
Keeping with our theme of upset players is Shawn Marion. Marion wants an extension which the Suns are apparently unwilling to give him. In September a report came out that Marion was nearly traded to Utah for Kirilenko, this has seemed to upset Marion somewhat but he has been mostly silent on the issue.

Greg Oden
How bad is his injury? Itís been reported that he wonít play this season, but should be back to healthy by next year. This has got to be a scary situation for the Blazers, who have a history of bad luck with high draft picks.

Chris Webber
Where will he play? Webber is currently an unrestricted free agent has shown interest in signing with Dallas and re-signing with the Pistons. Webber has also gotten offers from European teams, in August a Greek team offered Webber a contract which would have made him the highest paid player in Europe.

Yi Jianlian
It took him forever to sign with the Bucks. He said he didnít want to goto Milwaukee prior to the draft, but the Bucks took him anyway. Yi has looked very good in the preseason, he did start out slow but has quickly figured out the NBA game.