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Deron Williams or Chris Paul? Experts have debated this question since they were drafted and there still debating this question up to and including today. In the newest version of HOOP magazine in the jumpball section on pages 42 and 43 titled head 2 head, they break down both point guards based on scoring, floor game, defense, clutch play and leadership. They gave Chris Paul the edge in scoring and floor game and gave Deron Williams defense, clutch play and leadership, thus saying that Deron Williams is the better point guard of the two.

My rebuttal to this is Chris Paul is leading the league in steals and by a wide margin so how could you give the defense edge to Williams? I will now give you my head to head comparison of these two point guards using the same categories except I will add assists and turnovers. First, scoring- to me nobody has an edge in this because there both pass first point guards and when needed can both get any shot they want at any time; floor game- like scoring this is also very close but the slight edge goes to Chris Paul due to his assist to turnover ratio and his steals average, defense- as I said earlier Paul, he leads the L in steals; clutch play- HOOP gave Williams the edge in this category due to his performance in last yearís playoffs against Houston.

Since it would be unfair to Paul being how his Hornets didnít make the playoffs last year, this category has to wait until June; leadership- this is way too close to determine, letís face it both coaches (Sloan and Scott) give full control at all times to both point guards and never second guess their decisions; assists and turnovers- being how Paulís ratio is almost 4 to 1, Paul wins this category.

Okay, so letís add up the categories. HOOP gave Williams the 3-2 edge, I gave Paul the edge 4-1 with 2 categories still unable to determine. Well, what do you know another article about the two guards and again we come away with no clear cut winner, but donít worry I want to hear from you the reader, I want you guys to help me break the tie and tell me who your point guard of choice between the two is.

To do this please email me at ews33nyk@yahoo.com or nbahoopsonline.com at rednecksbasketball@yahoo.com and help us break the tie.

Written by:
Nick Demarcos