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Watching game four of the San Antonio Spurs and Cleveland Cavaliers was akin to watching a puppy being tortured, yes it really was that bad. The series had all the hallmarks of what is wrong with the NBA� the San Antonio Spurs are what is wrong with the NBA. The Spurs now have their fourth NBA championship, so now there is a lot of talk about the Spurs being a dynasty which is unfortunate for the sport because the Spurs if they are a dynasty are the worst dynasty in the history of American sports.

This year seen both the finalist from a year ago knocked out in the first round, the Mavericks got beat in the most entertaining series of the playoffs by the Golden State Warriors, and the Heat fell to the, slightly less boring than the Spurs, Chicago Bulls. With the best team Dallas Mavericks being eliminated in the first round it, opened the door for the Spurs to win their fourth defaulted championship. The Warriors advance to the second round allowed the Utah Jazz to goto the Western Finals, had the Mavericks made the second round they would have easily beaten Utah which struggled to get passed Houston. The Mavericks than would have beaten the Spurs, if the Spurs would even have made it passed the Suns. Here is another classic hallmark of what is wrong with the NBA, stupid rules such as leaving the bench which resulted in suspensions for two Suns players which allowed the Spurs a freebie game.

The Spurs have never repeated as NBA champions because they are a marginal mediocre team at best, they only win the championship when something bizarre happens, such as the suspensions and Dallas losing in the first round. The Spurs first championship was like this as well, they got a Portland team in the Conference finals in 1999 which shouldn�t have been there in the first place. If the Spurs would have played the best team in 1999, which was Utah by the way, than the Spurs never would have won the championship. Only during their 2003 NBA championship did the San Antonio Spurs defeat the most talented team in the NBA to advance. In 1999 both Utah and Miami lost before they could face the Spurs, in 2003 the Spurs beat an often injured and changing Los Angeles Lakers but did not have to face the Sacramento Kings who were probably even better than the Lakers that year. The Spurs 2005 title is a tad bit more respectable because the Spurs did have to go through Phoenix and the defending champion Pistons to win the crown, Both Phoenix and Detroit as some of the worst, best teams the league has ever had. The Suns defend the basket much like the French defended Paris against the Nazi�s, and Detroit�s offense is offensive in more ways than one. Finally this year, the Heat, Pistons, Mavericks and Bulls are all eliminated before they can face the Spurs, the quartet of Denver, Phoenix, Utah, and Cleveland is about as easy of a road to the title as a team could ever get.

Calling Tim Duncan the greatest power forward in NBA history is just laughable, he�s an above average scorer, and defender who is playing in the weakest era of basketball since the 1940s. If Tim Duncan is so good than why is he 2-6 in playoff series against the only two big men of his era, Karl Malone and Shaquille O�Neal? Not to mention both those players where coming out of their primes when they faced the Spurs? If Tim Duncan was playing 10 years earlier he would not even be on the NBA�s all 3rd team, he�s to slow and weak to be able to defend O�Neal, Malone, Hakeem Olajuwon, Patrick Ewing, or Charles Barkley, in todays NBA Duncan has to face Nene, Amare Stoudamire, Carlos Boozer and Drew Gooden not exactly the same group of guys now is it?

Tony Parker earning finals MVP is even more of a joke than when Chauncy Billups won the award in 2004. Neither of these guys are anything more than above average point guards who have earned name recognition because the league sucks so bad, and that�s the key to the entire Spurs Dynasty. The NBA sucks right now, so a decent team such as the Spurs can win championships because someone has to, that�s it they are not on the same platform as the 60s Celtics, 80s Lakers, 90s Bulls, their rank historically may be somewhere above the 80s Bucks, but no one calls the 80s Bucks a dynasty now do they.

Written by:
Michelle T