Milwaukee Bucks: Andrew Bogut(Utah)
The Bucks will fill their void at the center spot with the best big man in the draft. Bogut will help the Bucks get back to the playoffs in the next few years.
Atlanta Hawks: Chris Paul(Wake Forrest)
The Hawks don't need a SF so they will pass on Marvin Williams. but Paul will turn out better for them in the long run anyways.
Portland Trailblazers: Marvin Williams(UNC)
The Blazers will take Williams since he is the best player in the draft, but will probibly look to trade him down, to get Gerald Green.
New Orleans Hornets: Fran Vazquez(spain)
The Hornets have two needs, one is PF. Vasquez will help the Hornets compete in the Western Conferance. he wont make them a playoff contender but they wont be as bad as they were last season.
Charlotte Bobcats: Gerald Green(High School)
The Bobcats will probibly draft Green to trade him to Portland for Marvin Williams.
Utah Jazz:Deron Williams(Illinois)
The Jazz despartly need a PG, and are salivating over Williams.
Toronto Raptors: Raymond Felton(UNC)
The Raptors will pull another draft shocker and take Felton.
New York Knicks: Channing Frye(Arizona)
The Knicks need a center, so they will take Frye.
Golden State Warriors:Chris Taft(Pitt)
The Warriors will pass on the younger SG that are still left on the board to take Taft.
Los Angeles Lakers: Martell Webster(High School)
The Lakers will draft Webster, but may look to deal him.
Orlando Magic: Antoine Wright(Texas A&M)
Los Angeles Clippers: Charlie Villanueva(UConn)
Charlotte Bobcats: Raymond Felton(UNC)
Minnesota Timberwolves: Sean May(UNC)
New Jersey Nets: Rashard McCants(UNC)
Toronto Raptors: Monta Ellis(High School)
Indiana Pacers: Joey Graham(Oklahoma St.>
Boston Celtics: Andray Blatche (High School)
Memphis Grizzlies: Rudy Fernandez(Spain)
Denver Nuggets:Ersan Ilyarsova(Turkey)
Phoenix Suns: Wayne Simien(Kansas)
Denver Nuggets: Johan Petro (France)
Sacramento Kings: Hakim Warrick (syracuse)
Houston Rockets: Jarret Jack(Georgia Tech)
Seattle Sonics: CJ Miles(High School)
Detroit Pistons: Ike Diogu(arizona st)
Utah Jazz: Andrew Bynum(High School)
San Antonio Spurs: Ronny Turiaf (Gonzaga)
Miami Heat: Angelo Gigli(italy)
New York Knicks: Randolph Morris
Second Round

Atlanta Hawks :            Ryan Gomes 
Los Angeles Clippers :     Kennedy Winston
New Orleans Hornets :      Stefeno Mancinelli
Utah Jazz :                Nate Robinson
Portland Trailblazers :    Mikael Gelable
Milwaukee Bucks :          Fransico Garcia
Los Angels Lakers :        Julius Hodge
Toronto Raptors :          Linas Kleiza
Los Angeles Lakers :       Daniel Ewing
Golden State Warriors :    DiJon Thompson
Orlando Magic :            Travis Diener
Golden State Warriors :    Brandon Bass
New Jersey Nets :          Erazem Lorbek
Orlando Magic :            Louis Williams
Philadelphia 76ers :       Donnell Taylor
Indiana Pacers :           David lee
Minnesota Timberwolves :   Luther Head
Seattle Sonics :           Jawad Williams
Washington Wizards :       John Gilchrist
Boston Celtics :           Eddie Basden
Utah Jazz :                Salim Stoudamire
Denver Nuggets :           Filberto Rivers
Boston Celtics :           Pops Mensah-Bonsu
New York Knicks :          Jason Maxiell
Seattle Sonics :           BJ Elder
Detroit Pistons :          Alan Anderson
Phoenix Suns :             Sean Banks
Toronto Raptors :          Bracey Wright
Atlanta Hawks :            Uros Slokar
Utah Jazz :                Sun Ming-Ming

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