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Andrew Bogut will be the #1 pick in this draft dispite his old coach Rick Majerus saying he has an eye problem. the Bucks need a big man, they need some good players, they have the first pick in the draft, and Bogut is the best player in the draft.

Atlanta is the first of many teams who need a PG, and luckily this draft is full of them. they will take Chris Paul since he is the best on the board, but may look to trade him for Deron Williams or Raymond Felton. they could take Marvin Williams at 2, thus forcing Portland to pass on Paul at three since they have already commited to Telfair. then Charlotte, who likes Williams would take Paul, Felton or Williams and trade that player plus the 13th pick to Atlanta. the Hawks would get their guy at a much cheaper price.

the Blazers are the wildcard of this draft, they don't want the third and may look to deal it to either New Orleans or utah. or they could kill all the mocks and draft Gerald Green at 3, and thus letting Paul or Marvin Williams fall.

New Orleans also likes Green, so if Portland passes on him and takes williams/Paul. they will take him at 4. and Charlotte likes the local guys, so could draft Williams(if Atlanta takes Paul #2, Portland takes green at #3, and New Orlenas taking Green #4) or even Raymond Felton at 5.

if this happens someone like Deron Williams, or Marvin Williams could fall as far as 6th to Utah. Utah needs a PG and will be taking either Chris Paul, Deron Williams or Raymond Felton. there has also been discussion that Utah could send the sixth pick, the 27th pick and Gordon Giricek to Portland for the 3rd pick.

Toronto also needs a PG, but may draft a big man since Arujuo has been a bust.

New York is also looking for a bigman, I think they will probibly take Frye if he is avalible. or they could take the one remaining PG(if Tor takes Frye) and try to swing a deal with the Lakers.

Golden State will probibly look to trade their pick. they have all 5 of their spots set for years to come, and are just looking for that one player to send them over the top; into the playoffs.

the Lakers need a PG and will probibly draft the best avalible one, if there isn't one of the top 3 left(Paul, D Williams, Felton) they could trade their first rounder for a vetran PG and take a backup PG with one of their second rounders.

Orlando is another team that could trade their pick, if not for a late season collapse they'd be in the playoffs. if they do draft they'd probibly take a high school project player to mold for a few years.

The Clippers are always hard to predict, because they do some many bizare draft day moves. I think they will take a point guard if one is avalible, if not look for them to take a SF.

Charlottes second pick will be used on another local player, probibly McCants, or May. both picks make sense for the Bobcats since they have Okafor and practically no one else under contract.

The Wolves will take a big man, since Johnson and Olowokandi are both duds they will try to fill the void with their best pick in years. look for them to take either Sean May, or Andre Blatche. Throwback Jerseys

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