The 2006 Reebok Rocky Mountain Revue is finally upon us. This year six teams will make up the revue, a considerable lesser amount than usual. This is in part due because of the Las Vegas revue which will be going on at the same time. None-the-less the thinning out of some teams will actually help the revue. Now all six teams will play six games, unlike in previous years where some teams would play as many as nine games, while other as few as two.

This yearsí revue will offer the fans their first glimpses of the 2006 first round picks such as Shelden Williams (Atlanta), Ronnie Brewer (Utah), Rodney Carney (Philadelphia), Maurice Ager (Dallas). Five 2005 first round picks will also be playing in the revue including, Deron Williams (Utah), Marvin Williams (Atlanta), and Ian Mahinmi (San Antonio).

Second rounders include Dee Brown, and Paul Milsap of Utah, Bobby Jones, and Edin Bavcic of Philadelphia and Yotam Halperin and Denham Brown of Seattle.

This years review also contains a lot of veterans such as Noel Felix, Tony Bobbit, Andre Emmette, Deng Gai, Jared Reiner, Rawle Marshall, Pavel Podkolzine, Josh Powell, Harold Jamison, Robert Whaley, Hiram Fuller and Troy Rolle.

With all the rookies and veterans in this yearís revue, itís sure to be a great one.

The Hawks enter this years revue with 2006 first rounder Shelden Williams, and second rounder Solomon Jones, as well as 2005 picks Marvin Williams, and Salim Stoudamire. Second year playersí Anthony Grundy, and Esteban Batista, as well as third year center John Edwards also join the Hawks team. In a change of their usual pace the Hawks are actually carrying one of the older teams into the revue this summer

The Hawks will play their first game at 7pm against Utah on Friday, followed by a 5pm game against Dallas on Saturday. The Hawks next two games after the Sunday break are at 5 against San Antonio and Seattle, than they had a 3pm game vs. Philadelphia, and finally they play the Jazz at 7:00 p.m. again to close out the revue.

The Mavericks squad will come right from Los Angeles to play in the RMR. The Mavs once again fielded teams in both revues, so itís uncertain what their final roster may be. Andre Emmett has been playing for the Mavs in Los Angeles, but for the RMR he may be playing for Seattle. But itís almost certain that Maurice Ager, Paval Podkolzine, and Pops Mensah-Bonsu will be playing for the Mavericks.

Dallas will kick off the revue against rival San Antonio, than go on to play Atlanta, Philadelphia, Utah, San Antonio again, and end with Seattle.

Philadelphia 76ers.
The Sixers will bring with them 2005 second round pick Louis Williams. Williams had some moments as a rookie, but was usually kept on the bench. Williams will likely have a huge summer for the Sixers, so expect him to be the focus of their offense. 2006 first rounder Rodney Carney will also be a big part of Philadelphiaís plan. The only other Sixer player with any NBA experience is revue veteran Harold Jamison.

The Sixers tip off the Revue with Seattle at 3pm, then they play a 7pm game against Utah on Saturday night, followed by three consecutive 3pm games against Dallas, San Antonio and Seattle, then they finish up with a 5pm game against the Atlanta Hawks.

San Antonio
The Spurs will bring veterans Melvin Sanders, and Donta Smith along with rookies Ian Mahinmi, Sergei Karaulov and Taquan Dean into the revue. Sanders, Smith and Karaulov all played in the revue last year, giving the spurs a solid veteran core. The Spurs have also reportedly added Robertas Javtokas, and Viktor Sanikidze, however they additions have not been confirmed by any major media outlet, and they are not listed on the Spurs roster as of yet. However the addition of Javtokas could be huge for the Spurs team, Javtokas is a highly touted foreign player who, if he stays in America, should have no problem finding a team to give him a roster spot.

The Spurs start the revue by playing Dallas at 5pm, than Seattle at 3,Atlanta at 5, Philadelphia at 3, Dallas again at 5, and finally Utah at 7.

The Sonics bring rookies Saer Sene, Denham Brown and Yotam Helprin into the league, along with veterans Deng Gai, Jared Reiner, Keith Langford, Noel Felix and possibly Andre Emmett. The veterans should give Seattle a big advantage in tight games, but their lack of size could hurt them.

Seattle begins the revue at 3pm vs. Philadelphia.

The hometown favorite Utah Jazz bring in one of the largest rosters in the revue. The Jazz roster includes 2006 draft picks Ronnie Brewer, Dee Brown, Paul Milsap, as well as 2005 picks Deron Williams, CJ Miles, and Robert Whaley. The Jazz also bring with them recently acquired big man Rafael Araujo, as well as veterans Troy Rolle, and James Lang.

The Jazz play all their games at 7:00 p.m., their first game is against Atlanta, followed by games against Philadelphia, Seattle, Dallas, Atlanta before wrapping the revue up against San Antonio.

Players to watch
Marvin Williams- With a year under his belt Williams should be one of the top players in this years revue. His ability to play the passing lanes kept him on the floor last summer when his shot wasnít falling. Anthony Grundy- another second year player who could see some major minutes in the revue.

Shelden Williams- Williams had a lot to prove why he was the 5th overall pick in last Juneís draft. If Williams can put up half way decent number through the revue he should prove to most why he was taken, if he doesnít, than most will question what the Hawks are doing.

Rawle Marshall- Marshall played in the RMR last year, and did well enough to earn himself a contract with the Mavs. Marshall is once again fighting for a contract, so expect to see his best effort. Heís a strong slasher who can rebound and play off the ball defense.

Maurice Ager- heís been having a strong showing in the LA summer league, so expect him to continue it in the RMR.

Pops Mensah-Bonsu- many were surprised that he was not drafted this year, but his loss may be Dallasís gain. Bonsu is a strong but undersized center who will need to work hard if he wants to make it to training camp in the NBA.

Harold Jamison- Jamison is another revue vet, whose play in the summer league has landed him on the roster of many NBA teams during the summer. Jamison is powerful, and a great rebounder despite being only 6'8".

Louis Williams- Last year he was an undersized project of a point guard for the Sixers, though much hasnít changed, except his maturity. Williams will likely be named to the all revue team.

Taquan Dean- Dean is another player that surprised many by not being drafted. He definitely has the skills to be an NBA player.

Donta Smith- Smith enters his third RMR, but this time he will be fighting to get a contract. Heís an awesome athlete who has an array of dunks that always entertain fans.

Noel Felix- Like Donta Smith, Felix now enters his third RMR, but unlike Smith Felix has had a tougher road to the NBA. Felix who was a player I picked out as someone to watch during the 2004 revue, didnít make an NBA roster until late in the 2006 season. Heís a good rebounder, and solid player, but his downfall is that he doesnít listen to coaches.

Deng Gai- This guy can score, there is no doubt about that. He lead the NCAA in scoring his last year at Fairfield. But his defense is extremely questionable.

Jared Reiner- Reiner is a two-year vet spending time with Chicago and Phoenix, he isnít the most talented player but he is solid. With his NBA experience he should be able to dominate the lesser experienced players.

Paul Milsap- No player in the history of the NCAA has ever lead the nation in rebounding three consecutive years, except Paul Milsap. Milsap is a ferocious rebounder, who has nice low post moves.

CJ Miles- Miles was a second round pick in 05 by the Jazz, but he didnít see much player time but when he did he produced. With some major minutes in the revue Miles should be able to put up big scoring numbers, and he isnít a bad defender either.

Deron Williams- Williams is possibly the best player in the revue this year. Last year he was a member of the All-rookie first team, and the only other player besides Chris Paul to get a vote for Rookie of the year.

Players to laugh at.

Sergei Karaulov- Karaulov was the brunt of a lot of my jokes last year, the last time I saw him, he was undersized and really skinny, unless something has changed, he wonít be much of a factor this year.

Written By:
Bran Faurschou

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