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Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks finished the revue 3-3, despite being handed two embarrassing losses to Utah. The Hawks were lead by Marvin Williams who scored 20 or more points in four of the five games the Hawks played.

The Hawks struggled at times due to their lack of depth on their roster, most specifically at the center position, a spot they got demolished at night in and night out.

In their first game the Hawks got beaten badly by a Jazz team who played exceptionally well. The Hawks tried bouncing back the next night, but lost to Dallas by one. The Hawks got their first win Monday afternoon as they defeated the Spurs in a solid all around game. The Hawks made it two straight on Tuesday as they beat the Shorthanded Sonics by three. The Hawks faced the Jazz again on Thursday night, and were beat worse than they did on the first night as the Jazz won by 21. The Hawks moved to five-hundred in the 06 revue as they defeated the Sixers in the final day of the revue.

Player breakdown.

Esteban Batista: A foreign player who did well over seas and got a multi-year contract. Batista is slow on defense, and hasnít shown the ability to score in the teams offense. He most likely will be on the Hawks roster, but will probably sent down to the D-League.

Cedric Bozeman: Not a bad player, but he isnít NBA ready. He struggled on defense and his offensive game isnít that great either. Bozeman will most likely be in the ABA or CBA in the 2006-07 season.

Carl Edwards: Not really good at anything, he isnít a player that sticks out at you. Edwards is likely going to be playing overseas next year.

John Edwards: Heís big, but heís a classic big white stiff. He should be in the NBA next season since he is under contract next season, but his minutes will be limited and he wonít be much more than a 12th or 13th man on the roster.

Tony Gipson: He was really the third point guard on the Hawks roster, and didnít see much time. When he did see time, he showed that he can play defense, but not consistently enough that a team would bring him on board. Most likely will be overseas next season.

Anthony Grundy: he showed signs of being a competent point guard, and floor general, his defense is still weak but he can score which might make him interesting to some teams. Grundy will likely play in the D-League next year, but should get called up later in the season

Jack Ingram: another big white stiff, except he can shoot, sometimes. Ingram wont make any ones roster this year and will probably be in the CBA or D-League.

Salomon Jones: heís the human foul, other than that he didnít do much. Jones is going to have a hard time making the roster of the Hawks even with their lack of talent in the front court.

Salim Stoudamire: He averaged 20 a game in three games in this yearís revue. The 20 point per game average is sort of misleading, as Stoudamire scored most his points in garbage minutes against guys who wont be starters in the CBA. Stoudamire did show that he can still shoot, and with the Hawks roster he should get plenty of minutes in the regular season.

Marvin Williams: He improved by leaps and bounds over last year. He has really become an aggressive player who attacks the hoop a lot. He finished the revue as the lead scoring at 23 a game. Williams will most likely be a canidate for most improved player this year.

Shelden Williams: He really struggled in the revue. He had a hard time guarding players, and got cheap fouls which seemed to mess with his concentration. Williams will most likely struggle this season, but if he works hard enough he should have a decent rookie year.

Anthony Wilkens: Another guy who wonít make the team, but he showed some promising defense. Wilkens will most likely need a couple more years before he even has a chance at making an NBA roster.

Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks finished the revue 3-3, even though they had some of the best talent in this yearsí revue. Dallasís struggles may be in part to their participation in the Las Vegas summer league. None of their top four scorers played in every game, and they never played all of them in the same game.

The Mavericks were lead by Maurice Ager, and Rawle Marshall who both averaged 14 a game.

The Mavericks started the revue with an 8-point loss to the Spurs, but came back the next night to beat the Hawks by one to move to 1-1. The Mavs got embarrassed on Monday as Philadelphia beat them by 31. The Mavericks snatched victory from the jaws of defeat on Tuesday as they blew a 15-point lead to fall to the Jazz by one. Dallas got revenge on San Antonio on Thursday as the beat the Spurs by nine, than finished the revue with a four point win over the Sonics.

Player Break Down

Maurice Ager: he caused fits for his defenders with his ability to get to the hoop, and shoot off the dribble. Ager isnít going to be ready to start just yet, but will most likely be in the Mavericks rotation next year.

Jose Barea: a small quick point guard who can get to the rim. Barea can also score and averaged 11 points a game and assist. He could find his way onto some teams roster as he is very NBA ready. He wonít be a starter but would make a nice third point guard.

Corey Belser: He is just another summer league player who will be forgotten after the league ends. He is an ok defender but not NBA quality.

Talike Brown: couldnít even break the summer league rotation, so itís not likely any NBA team would be interested in him.

Rawle Marshall: a good slasher who does a lot of the intangibles. Marshall should make the Roster again this year but most likely will be a 12th man.

D.J. Mbenga: Heís come a long way from the guy who goal-tended every shot three years ago, to a guy who is now capable of producing in the NBA. Mbenga wonít be much more than a scrub for the Mavericks next year, but heís probably not going to be as bad as he has been.

Pops Mensah-Bonsu: He shouldnít have any trouble making it onto a roster this year. Heís a good defender and does a lot of the intangibles for a team. His size may be an issue but not to big of one.

Kevin Pittsnoggle: heís your stereotypical big white shooter. Heís soft inside and prefers playing on the perimeter. He could sneak onto a roster this fall, but I expect him to be in the D-League.

Pavel Podkolzine: It may be time for the Mavericks to cut and run with big Pavel. Heís a 7'5" stiff who doesnít do anything for his team except provide a target for dunkers from the other team.

Josh Powell: he was one of the biggest disappointments of the revue, Im sure had he played more he would have improved but from what I saw his spot on the Mavericks is in jeopardy.

E.J. Rowland: he played sparingly, but not enough for me to really get a good look at him.

Jackson Vroman: Heís a solid defender who has some offensive skills. Heís not going to ever be a guy who gets great stats but heís a guy who does what a coach wants him to do and doesnít complain about it. I fully expect Vroman to be on someoneís roster next season.

Darius Washington: heís a scoring point guard who has the skills to make it into the NBA, but may not because he doesnít like to pass.

San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs joined four other teams at 3-3 during the 06 revue. The Spurs were a tricky team to figure out, as they had moments where they looked really good and than other where they looked really bad. Part of the Spurs problem was lack of depth. The Spurs were the only team in the revue without a 2006 draft pick on their roster. The Spurs did have two former draft picks, 2005 first rounder Ian Mahinmi, and 2004 second rounder Sergei Karaulov. Another problem the Spurs faced was foul trouble, Mahinmi got six or more fouls in nearly every game, which gave their opponents more free throw.s

The Spurs were lead by Melvin Sanders and Andre Brown, both are players who have an opportunity to make it to the NBA next year, but neither are on the caliber that other teams had.

The Spurs started the revue by defeating the Dallas Mavericks, than on Friday night defeated the Sonics. The Spurs would drop their next three in a row, losing by 10 to Atlanta, 23 to Philadelphia and than losing a rematch with the Mavs by nine. The Spurs finished the revue by defeating the Jazz by seven to finish 3-3.

Player Breakdown

Andre Brown: He really became a utility guy for the Spurs. Heís a solid rebounder, especially on the offensive glass, this allowed him to get a lot of easy points. His defense isnít bad either and he is a decent rebounder. Brown should be invited to camp by a team, but his a bubble guy to make a roster.

Tequan Dean: He showed signs of being a good player but in turnover prone. He will probably get an invite to camp, but will not make the roster of any NBA team. Look for him to light it up however in the D-League.

Otis George: heís good around the basket, and has decent hands. But heís small for a big guy. He could be a guy who surprised someone and makes their roster but not likely.

Sergei Karaulov: the Spurs luck with drafting foreign players ran out with him. There is no way this guy makes the league. Heís to soft, and he doesnít seem to know where he is supposed to be. He did improve vastly from a year ago, but not nearly enough to even be considered to be invited to camp.

AJ Kuhl: in the one game he played, he was severely embarrassed by Louis Williams. He didnít have the speed to catch up with him, and doesnít have the passing ability to play in the league either. Kuhl will likely go to Europe next season.

Charles Lee: didnít see action in any of San Antonios first games, but turned out to be an OK player. Heís a decent shooter but a poor defender. Heís another guy who will end up in the minor leagues.

Roman Levter: He only played one game in the revue, so there isnít much I can say about him other than if he canít get minutes in a summer league than there must be something wrong, such as he has no clue how to play, or something alone those lines.

Ian Mahinmi: Heís got a lot of potential, but his defense is absolutely atrocious. His footwork needs a lot of improvement, and he needs to learn how to stay out of foul trouble. Heíll be playing in France next season, so heíll have time to improve before coming to the NBA.

Rich Melzer: he started off the revue nicely, but struggled later on. Heís got a nice shot, and works hard. He apparently as already gotten a contract from the Spurs, which is probably a good idea on their part, Melzer is NBA ready and could provide them depth.

Adam Parada: if nose size was the measure of how good a player would be, than Parada would be the next star of the league. Other than his nose, there isnít much else that distinguishes Parada from anyone else. He has bad hands and doesnít even go near the basket most the time.

Melvin Sanders: he was the best player on the Spurs revue team, he was also the most consistent. However he slacked off on defense at times, and took a lot of ill-advised shots. Sanders should find a home somewhere in the NBA next season, but not anything more than a 12th man.

Donta Smith: he disappointed a lot of people during the revue. He struggled at nearly every aspect of the game. Smiths days in the NBA are likely over, heís been given plenty of chances and just never made the best out of them.

Jamar Smith: heís another solid player, and he is fun to watch. Heís athletic and does his best unfortunately he probably isnít NBA ready yet. The Spurs have apparently given him a contract, but if he does stick he will be sent to the D-League for a long time before he sees any NBA minutes.

Francis Steyn: He struggled against the stronger guys in the revue, but is good around the basket. He likely wonít make the league but could be a 12th man type player in the D-League.

C.J. Watson: he did a decent job, but like Dean was turnover prone, and had a hard time handling the ball under pressure.

Lamayn Wilson: he came on strong toward the end of the revue, but isnít a team player. He wonít make the NBA, but he did get interest from scouts from the CBA.

Philadelphia 76ers.

The Sixers ended the revue with the best record at 4-2, despite being plagued by injuries and having players leave. The Sixers best player Shavlik Randolph played only one game before having to leave. Their 2006 rookies all got injured, Rodney Carney and Bobby Jones both got hurt in the first game and missed the next four, and Edin Bavcic got injured in the 5th game and missed the rest the revue.

Louis Williams was by far the league of the Sixers team. He is the sole reason why they ended with the best record.

The Sixers started the revue by winning their first four games. They defeated the Sonics in the first game of the revue, than came from 14 down to beat the Jazz the next night. After the Sunday break they defeated the Mavs and Spurs by 20+ points, before finally losing to the Sonics by two, and the Hawks by one.

Player Breakdown

Edin Bavcic: he needs a lot of work before he is NBA ready, but he does have a nice shot and can hurt you if you leave him open. He should eventually make it to the NBA but could probably use a year or two in Europe.

Steve Castleberry: heís not as un athletic as he first appears, he can move but isnít super fast. Heís a guy who will most likely play an NBA game here and there but doesnít stick around to long.

Rodney Carney: when he wasnít injured he showed a lot of talent. Heís a solid defender and athletic player who can give the fans a show. He needs to work on his stamina as he got tired in the fourth quarter in the three games.

Ben Green: didnít get much playing time but made the most out of the time he got. He probably isnít going to make the NBA this year but definitely has the potential to in the future.

Harold Jamison: heís very strong and a monster down low. Heís a good defender but struggles offensively. He has a good chance of making it back to the NBA because, most teams like having a guy like Jamison around.

Bobby Jones: he didnít score in his three games, but the injury early in game one really affected his playing. Iíll hold off on any breakdown for him since it was obvious he was playing in a lot of pain.

Ivan McFarlin: Heís another guy who surprised a lot of people. Heís a solid defender and can score around the hoop. He has a good chance of being invited to camp this fall and could stick.

Glen McGown: He is a beast down low. Heís got an uncanny ability to score and draw a foul. He isnít going to be a star in the NBA, but could be a solid guy off the bench for a number of teams.

Shavlik Randolph: showed great skills in his only game. Got a lot of points by running off of screens and running the pick and roll.

Steven Smith: an undrafted free agent who probably bought his way into the NBA with his play in the revue. Smith made the all-revue team, and was among the Sixers best players in all six games. There is little doubt that someone will pick this guy up.

Marshall Strickland: Heís kind of an enigma, he could make the NBA but doesnít really have the body. But he is strong. My best guess is that he goes to the D-Leauge this season and tries again next year.

Louis Williams: He can score, he proved that. But he needs to stop turning the ball over and needs to take better shots. Williams playing time probably depends on who is on the Sixers roster next year, if they still have Iverson donít expect Williams to get much playing time.

Seattle Supersonics

The Sonics ended the revue with the worst record of any team at 2-4. The Sonics struggled mainly because of the loss of draft picks Mohammed Sene and Paccilis Morlende. Injuries to the Sonics team forced the Sonics to add Robert Swift and Aaron Miles to their revue team midway through the revue.

The Sonics were lead by Andre Emmitt who averaged 12 points a game.

The Sonics began the revue with a loss to the Sixers, than followed that up with yet another loss to the Spurs. The Sonics got their first win against the Jazz by one point, than lost the next game to the Hawks. The Sonics revenged their day one loss with a two point win against the Sixers, than lost to Dallas to finish the revue 2-4.

Player breakdowns

Denham Brown: Heís a nice slasher who has the ability to take over a game. He likely wonít see many minutes this season, but should be on the roster.

Tony Bobbitt: an off and on player who did his best, but probably wont make a roster this year. He does have NBA experience but just doesnít seem good enough.

Ronnie Burrell: had a few nice games but heís not a player that stands out. He will probably get invited to training camp in the fall, but is a longshot to make an NBA team.

Andre Emmitt: heís a good, smart player who attacks the hoop. He should make the league this year as a 12th man.

Noel Felix: He struggled more than I expect him to, heís a good rebounder and scorer but didnít seem to have his head in the game. Felix may have a hard time proving himself to teams in the NBA, but could make the Sonics roster.

Desmond Farmer: started off rocky but began to get better as the revue went on. His best game was when he singles handedly brought back the Sonics, scoring 27 points in a loss against the Hawks.

Yotem Halperin: He wonít make the roster, and will probably play another year or two in Israel. Offensively he isnít to bad, but defensively he is atrocious.

Keith Langford: a solid ball handler who is efficient at running an offense. His biggest downside is his inability to make free throws.

Aaron Miles: He was added to the team after the fourth game played solid in the two games he played. He has a good chance at making a team this year.

Paccilis Morlende: He really struggled in his two games before he went out with an injury. He will likely need a year or two in another league before he is able to contribute in the NBA.

Jared Reiner: heís got nice footwork but isnít strong enough to score down low. He could be a solid 15th guy if he makes a roster.

Mohammed Saer Sene: He looked a lot better than anyone could have predicted. Heís a great shot blocker and is good around the basket. Sene might actually be a starter this year, but will probably have a hard time winning it against Swift.

Robert Swift: He has really improved and should be the starting center for the Sonics. He needs to work on going stronger to the basket, but other than that he looked solid.

Utah Jazz

The Hometown Jazz consistently drew the biggest crowd, but their inconsistency let their fans down as the team went 3-3.

The Jazz began the revue looking like a regular NBA team as they pounded the Hawks, but the second game saw the Jazz lose a 14-point lead and lose the game by 10. The Jazz had to bounce back from double figure deficits in their next two games, the first one against the Sonics they missed a buzzer beat to lose by one, then the next night the Jazz made their buzzer beater to beat the Mavericks. The Jazz faced the Hawks again on Thursday, and again the Jazz pounded the Hawks again. The Jazz fell to 3-3 after a loss to the Spurs.

Player Breakdown

Mustafa Al-Sayyad: I thought he did a nice job before his injury. He isnít a guy who is going to score but he plays nice interior defense and can block shots. He is likely a guy that does decent in the D-League but never makes it to the NBA.

Rafael Araujo: He started the revue being a physical precents, but after being ejected for a hard foul on Marvin Williams, Araujo began to get timid. He changed his timidness after game five and really finished the revue strong. Araujo will see more time with the Jazz this year than he did with the Raptors, and his stats should be better as well.

Ronnie Brewer: He was among one of the best players in the revue. He struggled at shooting at times but his ability to get the hoop allowed him to get easy points and free throws.

Dee Brown: he struggled with turnovers at times, but did prove that he can run the offense. Brown will likely be Utahs third point guard so donít expect him to get a lot of playing time this season.

Brian Chase: Started off slow, but eventually became a solid player. Heís energetic and a great change of pace. Heís got a decent shot and is a smart player, he has a good chance of making it into the league this year.

Hiram Fuller: He did nice before he had to leave because of high blood pressure. Fullers blood pressure could be an issue if he gets invited to camp next fall.

Andre Hutson: heís a hustler who plays hard, but he isnít very talented. His hustling plays may get him recognized enough so that he gets a camp invite, but heís probably a career D-League player.

C.J. Miles: He has really bulked up over the summer, and is a lot more confident with his shooting. He does have problems with turnovers and making the right pass. Miles will be Utahís third point guard this season but should see a lot more time than he did last season.

Paul Milsap: he was without a doubt the biggest fan favorite. His ability to rebound astounded many. Heís got good moves under the basket as well, and is a good defender. Milsap is a Jerry Sloan type player so look for him to get a lot of minutes this season.

Spencer Nelson: A tweener who tries to be a tough guy. Nelson can and will get down on the floor to fight for a loose ball, but his lack of size is really detrimental to him. No other team in the league will probably look at Nelson except Utah, but even they might not be interested.

Roger Powell: Heís a guy who does the intangibles and plays hard defense. He wasnít a guy I would have said would have made a roster this year, but apparently Utah has given him a partially guaranteed contract. It will be interesting to see how he does with the Jazz given that he is a small forward, and that is the deepest spot on Utahs roster.

Troy Rolle: He didnít get enough minutes for me to make a great evaluation, but from what I did see, he is a hustler who will do what is needed. But he does want to be the star on the team, but doesnít have the abilities to ever become that guy.

Cory Violette: He did a nice job during the revue. He isnít a guy who normally stands out but he does do the intangibles that coaches notice. He could land a job in the NBA next season, but will likely play in the D-League.

Robert Whaley: his back injury must have been more severe than anything let on. Last year Whaley was a tough hard nosed player who was mean in the paint, this year he was timid and didnít even try to play defense. Whaley could find his way back into the Jazzís roster, but given the fact that he hasnít improved and has been given a lot of chances by the Jazz, I think Whaleys days in Utah are over. Now his days with the Jazz may be over, but someone could still pick him up, he does have an NBA ready body.

Deron Williams: Williams looked miles ahead of the competition in the two games that he played. But what do you expect from one of the few players in the revue who have actually started an NBA game?

Written by:
Bran Faurschou

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